After a long journey to become pregnant, one family is now readying for five new members

By Jason Duaine Hahn
January 30, 2018 04:23 PM

After a long journey to become pregnant, one Utah couple is preparing for a flurry of new family members.

For five years, Jamie Scott and her husband, Skyler, were struggling to become pregnant. They desperately dreamed of having another child to join their two sons, Shayden, 12 and Landon, 7. As years passed, they began to slowly come to terms with the realization that a new baby wouldn’t be in their future.

“It was really challenging to watch your wife go through that,” Skyler Scott, 35, tells PEOPLE. “Seeing something that means so much to Jamie and not having success with it and not seeing the results of all our praying, that was really, really hard to go through.”

But before setting aside their dream, the couple enlisted the help of a specialist to administer intrauterine insemination. Two rounds later, it happened.

A pregnant Jamie Scott and her two children
Jamie and Skyler Scott

“When I first found out I was pregnant, I did just an at-home pregnancy test a couple days before I could officially get blood work done to see if the fertility procedure had worked,” Jamie, 33, tells PEOPLE. “I went through so many pregnancy tests, I was used to seeing a negative. So, after all these years of trying, it was just incredible to see those two pink lines.”

A few weeks after finding out they were pregnant, a test showed Jamie’s HCG hormone levels were extremely high. Typically, this indicates multiple pregnancies, so the couple figured they might be having twins or triplets. But when doctors broke the news that they were having not, one, two, or three more babies, but quintuplets, Jamie felt overjoyed that their long journey had brought five times the happiness.

“I was absolutely in awe, and I cried to see all of those babies on the screen,” she says. “I was in awe.”

Skyler and Jamie Scott
Jamie and Skyler Scott

But even with the elation and surprise of finding out they were having five children, the couple had to quickly find their bearings—adding five children to their family is not going to be easy.

“I wanted to be a great mother for all these individual human beings, and I was thinking about how we were going to do this,” Jamie says. “Then, I just had this overwhelming peace come over me, and just this message, ‘Just be love.’ I thought, I can do that.”

The couple—who run the popular Instagram and Facebook pages, Five Two Love, which documents their family’s journey—recently revealed the genders of the quintuplets over a Facebook Live video right from their doctor’s office. The footage captures their reactions as they find out they’ll be expecting three girls and two boys.

“When you’ve struggled for that long to have a kid, it’s so surreal,” says Skyler, who has been perfecting his cooking and laundry skills since Jamie’s pregnancy. “Jamie kept thinking we were going to wake up and find out we’re not pregnant.”

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With so much on the line, Jamie and Skyler have temporarily moved from their home in St. George, Utah, to Phoenix, Arizona, to be under the care of Dr. John Elliott, who has helped deliver 23 sets of quintuplets in his career, according to the Valley Perinatal website.

With five extra mouths to feed, Jamie is currently on a diet of fast food milkshakes as she tries to consume some 4,000 calories a day to gain 100 pounds, as doctors advise.

Jamie Scott
Jamie and Skyler Scott

“It’s a little much because it’s already like having a giant pumpkin in my belly,” Jamie says. “I feel full all the time, but yet I’m hungry and thirsty all the time. I have to eat more small meals throughout the day but packed with high-calories.”

Jamie says she is hoping to carry the babies for 34 weeks, at which point Dr. Elliott will deliver them via C-section, setting their potential delivery to late April. So far, the journey has been a dream come true.

“I have to remind myself that everything is real,” she says. “After so long of desiring one more child in our family, it’s incredible to me that this is my life now. I just feel so incredibly blessed that this is my new life.”