"I hope and pray that my marriage lasts through time like theirs has," said their photographer

By Rose Minutaglio
June 14, 2017 01:56 PM

Ollie and Donald King have a love that will never grow old.

The couple from Lincoln County, Kentucky, have been together for nearly 68 years, but they still look at each other with true adoration.

And ahead of their 68th wedding anniversary in September, the lovebirds posed for a heartwarming photoshoot.

“There have been times in my career that I sat back after a session and thought ‘WOW, I really love my job. [This] was one of those nights,” photographer Paige Franklin wrote on Facebook of the shoot that has received over 25,000 likes on the Love What Matters Facebook page. “I asked him to tell me the one thing he was most proud of her for (It’s a little trick I do in couples sessions) and he looked at me for a minute and looked at her, and he said ‘There really isn’t just one thing. She’s just amazing all around.’ ”

Credit: Paige Franklin Photography

Franklin of Paige Franklin Photography shot the adorable Ollie, 83, and Donald, 87, on their farm in Kentucky, where they’ve lived for 30 years.

The couple farms cattle and grows corn, soybeans and tobacco.

Credit: Paige Franklin Photography

They have three children and are “as alive and happy now as I’m sure they’ve ever been,” according to Franklin.

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Credit: Paige Franklin Photography

“I hope and pray that my marriage lasts through time like theirs has,” adds the photographer.

Credit: Paige Franklin Photography

It’s evident in the series of photographs that Ollie and Donald are still very much in love.

In many of the shots, Donald smiles at his sweetheart while holding her hand or lovingly cradling her face.

Credit: Paige Franklin Photography

Donald, who has been a pastor for 47 years, sported a sharp pink shirt and vest for the shoot.

Ollie opted for an aqua shirt, floral blouse and flowing skirt.

Credit: Paige Franklin Photography

Ollie quilted the blanket that appears in some of the pictures “many years ago,” according to Franklin.

Credit: Paige Franklin Photography

There’s no doubt these two are as in love as the day they married nearly seven decades ago.

Thanks for reminding us what’s truly important in life, Ollie and Donald!