Crystal and Brad Sparks were injured in the crash, which claimed the lives of their 12-year-old daughter and 10-year-old son

crystal sparks
Nixon Sparks
| Credit: Go Fund Me

After losing two of their six young children in a car accident in July, one California family is finding light with the birth of a new baby boy.

Crystal and Brad Sparks, who were both injured in the same crash, celebrated the birth of little Nixon Daniel, their seventh child, on Oct. 8, according to a GoFundMe page.

“Nixon, you are so special to me.. to us. You were not able to replace anyone, but certainly to help replace some of the sadness and pain with joy and all the sweet cuddles,” Crystal, 37, wrote on Facebook. “I won’t ever pretend to understand… but I will certainly be thankful to our God for keeping you safe that night.”

Brad wrote on Facebook that the name Nixon was simply one they liked, while their son’s middle name was a nod to close family friend Abe Daher, as it’s his middle name, too.

“[Daniel] was among the captive Jews and God used Daniel in mighty ways to bring about His will in the nation’s darkest moments,” Brad wrote, according to the GoFundMe. “You could say the same thing for Abe, who God used to help us in our darkest hours as a family in the wreck.”

The family was driving home to San Diego from Texas on July 12 when they were involved in a fatal car crash in New Mexico that killed daughter Bailey, 12, and son Landon, 10.

Sparks family
The Sparks family
| Credit: GoFundMe

New Mexico State Police said Crystal, who was 7 months pregnant at the time, experienced “driver fatigue,” and the vehicle left the roadway and rolled over.

Though the family was trapped inside the car, Brad was able to use voice command to access his Apple Watch and call for help for his family, which also includes daughters Cameryn, 14, and Sadie, 7, and sons Jackson, 5, and Wilson, 3.

According to the GoFundMe, Crystal was stuck inside the car for over an hour while some of the children were able to undo their seatbelts and crawl out of the vehicle.

Police said the entire family was taken to the hospital, and Crystal, Brad and Cameryn were treated for “non-life-threatening injuries,” including broken bones. They said Bailey was pronounced dead at the scene, while Landon died at the hospital.

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Baby Nixon and the other children were not injured.

“Nixon comes to us at a time of great distress for our family,” Brad wrote on Facebook. “While in our hours of sorrow and tears of sadness at missing Bailey and Landon the Lord in this grace has given us a bright light of hope and goodness with Nixon.”

In the months since the crash, the family has paid tribute to their late children, and in September, hosted a livestreamed memorial for Bailey and Landon.

That same month, Crystal shared a sweet message to Bailey in honor of National Daughter’s Day.

“Bailey girl, I miss you so much," she wrote. "I think it hurts a little more each day. You and Munch left such a hole in my heart. Love you sweet girl."