WATCH: Colorblind Brothers See Vivid Colors for the First Time Thanks to Special Glasses

Two brothers broke into tears when they saw color for the first time

Two brothers who were born colorblind are now able to see the beautiful colors around them thanks to customized glasses.

In The Upbeat, a new video series from PEOPLE, presented by Citi, brothers Jimmy and Jace Papenhausen, from El Cajon, California, are given EnChroma glasses by their parents. The special glasses transport them to a whole new world of color.

In the emotional video, the brothers are taken outside before they put on the glasses for the first time, and when Jimmy puts them on, he immediately places his hands over his face and begins to cry as he looks at a brightly-colored towel and balloons.

“Close your eyes and then open them,” their mother is heard saying. “What do you see? Tell us!”

Jimmy then embraces Jace and hands him the glasses. When Jace puts them on, he is overcome by the revelation.

“It’s so bright,” he says as Jimmy holds him. “It’s so different!”

Most people with colorblindness are able to see the world around them as clearly as others, but they aren’t able to perceive red, green or blue light. Color blindness affects approximately 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women in the world, according to

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