Christian Musician Whose Wife Died After Giving Birth 'in Love' with Baby Girl: 'She's a Light in This Dark Time,' Says Friend

"He's already taking such great care of her," friend and bandmade, Josh Wilson, tells PEOPLE of the grieving father

The wife of a Christian rock musician who died just hours after giving birth was remembered by friends and family in an emotional service in Ferguson, Missouri, on Sunday.

Megan Johnson, 31, died unexpectedly on June 27 after welcoming newborn baby girl Eilee. Her husband, Nathan Johnson, who is a guitar player for the Christian rock band Meaning Machine, was by her side.

“The Celebration of Life for Meg was beautiful,” Nathan’s good friend and bandmate, Josh Wilson, tells PEOPLE. “Packed room. Lots of tears, stories and laughter. At the end, baby Eilee was dedicated to Jesus in front of us all. Wonderful way to end everything.”

Josh Wilson

Megan, who received a heart transplant seven years ago, had come close to death in the past after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure. But after the successful delivery, Nathan took to Instagram to let everyone know that her heart had worked perfectly.

Josh Wilson

According to Wilson, doctors told her that getting pregnant wouldn’t be an issue, despite her condition. While they don’t know her exact cause of death yet, Wilson says that they were told it wasn’t related to her heart.

Alyssa Sidebottom

“Meg was a beautiful soul who touched so many. We will miss her and look forward to the day we see her again.” Wilson says.

And the new father, who is grieving the death of his beloved wife, is “in love” with his new baby girl.

“Nate is doing well,” Wilson adds. “We all hung out until late last night, telling stories and laughing. He’s got a lot of good friends surrounding him. He’s in love with Eilee.”

Josh Wilson
Thomas Dulin

“My wife learned that her name means ‘sunshine.’ Nate didn’t know that. He loved hearing it yesterday,” Wilson says. “She’s definitely a light in this dark time. He’s already taking such great care of her. Typical new parent. Worried all the time, just like most of us are when we have our first kids.”

Josh Wilson

A GoFundMe page that Wilson created for Nathan and Eilee “surpassed our final goal of $400,000 just after the service ended,” Wilson says, adding that Megan’s memory will live on for many reasons.

“She was big on organ donation,” he says. “Her plan was to donate everything. Her eyes are going to help two blind people see and the rest of her organs are going to help save over 50 lives.”

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