Chris Pratt Pens Sweet Note to Older Brother Cully on Veterans Day: 'He's Always Led with Love'

Cully Pratt spent more than eight years as an infantryman, Military Police Officer and Army Recruiter and Retention Officer before leaving the Army in 2003

Chris Pratt Pens Sweet Note to Older Brother Cully on Veteran’s Day
Photo: Chris Pratt/Instagram; Inset: Lars Niki/Getty

Chris Pratt is celebrating Veterans Day with a special message for one of the most important military men in his life: his older brother Cully.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star, 40, honored Cully’s service with a lengthy Instagram post that recalled their fun childhood together, as well as the many life lessons his sibling has instilled in him.

Pratt wrote that as a child, he idolized his brother, so much so that he’d wear Cully’s clothes so he could be just like him.

“What can I say? He knew how to match and I liked the smell,” Pratt joked. “One day his friends started to notice and he kindly urged me to wear my own clothes.”

Pratt went on to praise his sibling for “always [leading] with love” and teaching him the ways of the world, and explained that he hoped that in humanizing his brother, he could humanize other veterans, too.

“The more we can look at our veterans for who they are, actual people, with siblings and parents, with children and funny pasts — the more we can approach our relationships to them with compassion and understanding,” the actor wrote.

Cully “didn’t join the army because he wanted to be Rambo,” Pratt said, but rather because he could not afford college and wanted an escape from his small hometown — and because he “probably wanted his own clothes,” the actor added, sharing his sense of humor.

“We have the greatest armed forces the world has ever seen,” Chris wrote. “It’s made up of real people who joined for [a] myriad [of] reasons. Today I celebrate Cully, as well as my cousin Curtis, Uncle Steve, Uncle Skip, second Cousins, Joey and Alex, besties Jared and Jeffrey, all those I’ve fished [or] hunted with, those who’ve blessed me with their challenge coins as I’ve encountered them on press junkets and in my travels, the many in the film industry working both in front of and behind the cameras. To those currently serving and those out thanks for your service. We appreciate you!”

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Cully, whose real name is Daniel, currently works for the Solano County Sheriff’s Office in California as a public information officer.

He spent eight and a half years as an infantryman, Military Police Officer and an Army Recruiter and Retention Officer before leaving the Army in 2003, according to his work biography.

Cully wrote a Veterans Day post of his own on Monday, writing that he enlisted immediately after graduating high school in 1995.

“It was hard, at times really hard. It asked A LOT and at times I complained a bunch to my friends and family, but I learned a lot myself,” he wrote. “The Army forced me to grow up, like so many men and women before me. I’m thankful for the experience and have never second guessed my decision, after it was done.”

Pratt has previously credited his brother with inspiring his successful acting career, telling Vanity Fair the origin story in 2017.

“One Christmas, [Cully] was in a play, a musical, and sang, and it knocked everyone’s socks off. My mom was crying. And I was like, ‘That’s what I want to do,’” Pratt said.

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