Police Share Video of Dramatic Rescue from Icy Lake Michigan After Passerby Jumps Into Action

The man received help when a Good Samaritan crossed the highway to call 911

A dramatic rescue of a man stranded in freezing waters was captured on video by the Chicago Police Department on Saturday.

The CPD shared the shocking footage in a Facebook video, and noted that the incident occurred “the morning after the coldest day of the year” near the 600 block of N Lake Shore Drive.

The clip shows a passerby running along Lake Michigan who notices the man struggling and stops to wave at the passing cars for help.

No one stops, so the Good Samaritan hops the barrier between the walkway and the highway and runs across Lake Shore Drive to call 911.

The video also shows the person in the water flapping his arms to stay afloat in the frigid lake.

Eventually, emergency personnel arrive on the scene and two officials quickly pull the man out.

He lies motionless in the snow as his rescuers cover him in blankets and eventually transport him onto a stretcher.

Chicago Police Share Video of Dramatic Rescue from Icy Lake Michigan
Chicago Police Department

Police said that the man was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

The rescue was a joint effort between the CPD Marine Unit and the Chicago Fire Department, police said, adding a special shout-out to the passerby who called for help.

“A special thank you also goes out to the individual who looked out for their fellow Chicagoan and flagged down assistance from our first responder community. As always, if you see something, say something.”

The incident happened around 7:15 a.m. and involved a 22-year-old man, WBBM reported.

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