Sgt. Mike Nowacki had quite the day after participating in the city's annual run on Sunday

By Jason Duaine Hahn
November 04, 2019 04:39 PM
Credit: Chicago Police Department

A Chicago police sergeant had a day for the ages when he saved an unresponsive woman and then proposed to his girlfriend — all after competing in a run while wearing his uniform.

According to WGN-TV, SWAT Sgt. Mike Nowacki of the Chicago Police Department was near the finish line of the Allstate Hot Chocolate Run 15K/5K on Sunday when he noticed a crowd — including his girlfriend, Officer Erin Gubala — gathered around an unresponsive woman in need of help. He raced over and administered CPR to the woman until emergency services arrived.

“S.W.A.T. Sgt. Nowacki, a 19-year-veteran of the Chicago Police Department, for the love of his profession and commitment to excellence, ran the Allstate Hot Chocolate Run in full S.W.A.T. gear today,” detailed the department in a post to their Facebook page. “Near the finish line, Sgt. Nowacki saw a crowd of people, including Officer Gubala, yelling for a medic.”

“Sgt Nowacki observed an unresponsive woman on the ground,” they continued. “For the love of his community and dedication to service, Sgt. Nowacki sprung into action and administered CPR until emergency medical services responded with an AED.”

According to the department, the woman was transported to Northwestern Hospital, where doctors credited Nowacki’s heroics for helping to save her life.

Officer Erin Gubala and Sgt. Mike Nowacki
| Credit: Chicago Police Department

Nowacki’s big day wasn’t over just yet.

“Shortly after finishing the race, Sgt. Nowacki proposed to his girlfriend, Officer Gubala, who paused with disbelief before saying yes,” wrote the department.

Making the moment even more romantic, Gubala presented her with a bouquet of flowers and proposed to her on one knee.

“This is a day that they will never forget,” the department continued.

Hundreds of Facebook users offered their congratulations to Nowacki, including a friend of the woman he saved.

“Thank you so, SO much for saving my friend!” wrote Hosanna Cook in response to the post. “I am so grateful you were there and that you jumped into action immediately. You’ve given her, and all of us, a precious gift. Congrats to you and your fiancée!”

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“Thank God he was there to help,” added user Camile Villalobos. “There are still good people in this world. You truly are an amazing soul Sgt.”

The post — which includes a picture of Gubala beaming with happiness with Nowacki — has garnered for more than 10,000 likes since it was posted on Sunday.

“Phew! What a day for CPD LEO Sgt. Nowacki, IN SWAT Gear, his fiance Officer Gobala and the anonymous female he rescued with Defib,” wrote another user. “Gosh at least some Hot Chocolate is in order! Unforgettable day for all!”