The reading of Charlie Gard's brain scans comes as a judge prepares to decide whether the baby may travel to the U.S.

By Alexia Fernández
July 22, 2017 01:06 AM

The parents of terminally ill baby Charlie Gard stormed out of a pre-court hearing after a hospital lawyer told them their son’s new brain scan showed a “sad reading.”

The U.K.’s Press Association reported Friday that Great Ormond Street Hospital’s lawyer, Katie Gollop, broke the news to Chris Gard and Connie Yates, Charlie’s parents. Gard reportedly yelled “evil” and Yates burst into tears.

The news comes as lawyers prepare to present a High Court judge with evidence that will weigh into the decision as to whether Charlie can travel to the U.S. for an experimental treatment.

The hospital believes that the 11-month-old baby has suffered irreversible brain damage that cannot be healed by treatment, according to CBS News.

Charlie suffers from mitochondrial depletion syndrome and cannot breathe or move on his own. His parents believe the treatment could restore his muscular and brain functions, despite it having never been tested on a human with Charlie’s exact condition.

This was the first scan to be conducted since March, according to The Guardian. Last week, Michio Hirano, a U.S. professor of neurology who believes an experimental treatment could help Charlie, told the U.K. court that the previous scan showed “no evidence” of irreversible brain damage.

The family’s story has made headlines worldwide, with Pope Francis and President Donald Trump offering support to the grieving parents.