Plus: Kris Allen chills out in D.C., American Idol's Big Mike and Andrew Garcia and more

Credit: Ramey

Drew Barrymore was ready to dance when she arrived at Bardot Hollywood with a pal close to midnight. The actress, who was there for the popular Mr. Black night, was casually dressed, sporting a black hat and sipping a Red Bull as she danced the night away. “She was in a great mood and enjoying herself, just doing her thing uninterrupted by anyone,” says an onlooker.

• Last season’s American Idol champ Kris Allen wasn’t in Los Angeles for this year’s Idol Gives Back special – he was hanging out in Washington, D.C. The singer spent his evening relaxing with friends and sipping red wine at the W Hotel’s POV rooftop bar, which overlooks the White House. “They enjoyed the view and laughed throughout the night,” says a source.

• This year’s Idol contestants Michael Lynche and Andrew Garcia were a hit at Drai’s Hollywood inside the W Hotel, where they arrived after the Idol Gives Back special. People were screaming their names and begging to take pictures with the contestants, and the guys were eating up the attention. Big Mike was walking around like he owned the club, while Andy chatted up his friends.

Whoopi Goldberg, taking in a John Legend performance at Abe & Arthur’s in New York at a Verizon party. The View co-host dashed through the crowd to watch Legend up close. Also in the audience: Ana Ortiz, Alyssa Milano and Brandy, who nibbled on a tray of desserts.

• After performing in South Florida, Bon Jovi was happy to chill out by the pool at the Delano Miami Beach, chatting on his phone and mingling with fellow hotel guests. The rocker also checked out some live music at the Florida Room inside the hotel.