The city of Pittsburgh has declared May 16 "Jaja Day" to honor "The Singing Doctor" Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja, for singing to almost every baby he's delivered

By Char Adams
July 01, 2019 03:20 PM
From left: Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja, baby Luella and Lindsay Grimes

Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja has delivered thousands of babies during his 40 years of medical practice. And he’s welcomed each little one in an extra special way: with a song.

Earlier this year, the city of Pittsburgh declared May 16 “Jaja Day” to celebrate Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja, of University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Magee-Womens Hospital, who has earned the name “The Singing Doctor” thanks to his tradition of singing to the babies he delivers, according to The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

“They’re special. Each of them is an individual. I’ve delivered thousands and thousands of babies. When I’m singing to those babies, I think, ‘I’m singing to a future important person.’ That’s the credit I give to all of them,” Dr. Andrew-Jaja said in a video for the hospital.

“So, to me, it’s a wonderful thing in my hands, the miracle of life. The rest of it is that it’s a beautiful world we live in. You forget about all the crisis going on everywhere for a moment when you see that miracle of life in front of you,” he added.

Dr. Andrew-Jaja said he began singing to babies during his residency. He said an older gynecologist he worked with loved to sing, and before retiring he encouraged the musically talented doctor to do the same.

“He has passed on the baton to me,” he recalled in the video. “I took it over and I started to sing to my babies ever since then and I do it every time.”

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Over the years, Dr. Andrew-Jaja has sung songs like “Happy Birthday” and Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World,” according to Good Morning America. He retired from delivering babies two years ago, but opted to sing a special song to a patient’s newborn on June 16.

“He has the most beautiful voice and, of course, he includes their name and ends the song with ‘Welcome to our beautiful world, Luella,’ which brought me to tears, because it is such a beautiful worlds,” Lindsay Grimes told GMA of the moments Dr. Andrew-Jaja sang to her baby girl.

“He has the most beautiful voice and of course, he includes their name and ends the song with ‘Welcome to our beautiful world, Luella,’ which brought me to tears, because it is such a beautiful world,” Grimes added.

“There’s a joy when people perform this way to honor the baby, the parents,” Dr. Andrew-Jaja told Good Morning America. “I’m happy that the city recognized that.”

In the video, Dr. Andrew-Jaja says the songs help him to form a connection with the parents and baby. He said he enjoys the opportunity to celebrate with the family.

Now, the beloved doctor says he is looking forward to writing music and spending time with his family, GMA reported.

“There is a grandchild waiting for me to play with me, to play my beard,” he told the site.