The 17-year-old girl found the package with the cash inside sitting on the ground in Milton, Ontario
Canadian Dollars
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Thousands of dollars have been returned to their rightful owner after a Canadian teen found a box with the large sum of cash inside and went the extra mile to do the right thing.

The unidentified 17-year-old girl is now being praised for her “honesty and integrity” after she returned the cash to the Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) in Ontario, according to a press release from the Canadian officials.

“It is acts of honesty and civic duty like this that replenishes faith in the good-hearted nature of the majority of youth in our community,” a police spokesperson wrote.

“Halton Regional Police acknowledges this young woman and commends her for her honesty and integrity,” the spokesperson added.

Officials said the teen was walking in the Derry Road and Trudeau Drive area of Milton on Saturday night when she suddenly came across the package sitting on the ground.

After opening it, she discovered it contained several bank deposit envelopes, clearly from a local business, with thousands of dollars of cash inside.

Instead of keeping the money, the teen decided to do the right thing by bringing the box into the Halton police station, officials said.

Through their resources, authorities were able to determine what local business the cash belonged to and contact one of their representatives in order to return it.

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Police believe the box was left behind after an employee accidentally dropped it on the street, but did not name the people or business that was involved.

On Sunday, shortly after sharing the news, Halton Police tweeted about the incident and again, praised the teen for her commendable actions.

“This is a great Sunday morning read that shines a light on the honesty and integrity that lies within our community,” they wrote beside a local news article that covered the story.