How to Help the Victims of California's Devastating Wildfires

California's wildfires have burned thousands of structures and left more than 40 people dead

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Firefighters are still battling a series of deadly wildfires that have killed 41 people in Northern California. The fires have displaced thousands of Napa and Sonoma County residents who were forced to flee their homes with little warning on October 8, and many had no time to save their possessions as the wall of flames approached.

About 40,000 people remain evacuated, according to Cal Fire, but scores of heartbroken residents have returned to their communities to find nearly everything turned to ash. More than 11,000 firefighters are still battling the remaining blazes, which have torched over 200,000 acres in Sonoma and Napa counties and destroyed 5,700 homes and structures. Today, the fires still cover a 100-mile area.

From monetary donations to offering shelter, here are ways you can aid survivors and offer support to responders.

California Wildfires
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Thousands of residents are now without their homes in the aftermath of the fire and will be looking for shelter. If you are near the area and are safe, you can use Airbnb to provide free shelter to evacuees. Or, you can aid the Red Cross, which is opening up shelters and needs volunteers.

A number of local organizations are also looking for support, such as Volunteer Center of Sonoma County, North Coast Opportunities Volunteer Network and the Napa Community Animal Response Team.

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Donate Goods or Offer Financial Support to Non-Profits

GoFundMe has a dedicated page listing verified fire-related organizations and accounts of survivors, like Natasha Wallace, who says she lost everything during the fire in Santa Rosa and escaped with the bags she could carry on her bike.

“When people support voluntary organizations with financial contributions, it helps ensure the right goods get to the right people at the right time following a disaster,” according to Cal Fire. Giving money will immediately help out a number of organizations in their relief efforts. Cash donations allow groups to quickly purchase supplies in ever-changing situations. Here are some trusted organizations to donate to:

Napa Valley Community Foundation

Community Foundation Sonoma County Resilience Fund

United Way of the Wine Country

Redwood Credit Union

There is also a Facebook page set up for survivors to make specific requests for goods they need. Food can be sent Community Action of Napa Valley, Redwood Empire Food Bank and the Fort Bragg Food Bank.

Jeff Gritchen/The Orange County Register/AP

Help Firefighters

The California State Firefighter’s Association fund is set up to help firefighters who have lost homes during the devastation. You can also donate to the International Association of Firefighters charitable foundation and the Forestry Crab Feed Firefighter relief fund.


Support Animals

Many residents will be in need of food and medical attention for their pets. To help, you can donate to the Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch and Wine Country Animal Lovers (who have also set up an Amazon wishlist). The Sonoma Humane Society, Napa Humane and Marin Humane are also accepting donations.

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