Skydiver Gets Tangled in Power Lines During First Solo Dive: 'I Don't Know If I'm Going to Jump Again'

The woman missed her intended landing zone in California's Riverside County and had to be rescued from high-tension power lines by firefighters with an aerial ladder

Calif. Skydiver Gets Tangled in Power Lines During First Solo Dive
Photo: CAL FIRE/Riverside County Fire Department

A skydiving student in California had a close call this week after she became caught in power lines during a jump.

According to NBC affiliate KNBC, the skydiver, who was not identified, missed her intended landing zone in Riverside County on Monday morning when she became stuck in the lines.

"So I was trying to miss that power line, then I turned a hard right, and then I went into the other power line," she told the new station. "I don't know if I'm going to jump again. Probably not."

In a series of tweets, the Riverside County Fire Department said they were able to extract the woman with an aerial ladder. After the rescue, she was assessed and reportedly declined further medical treatment.

"She got kind of disoriented, she said, and turned the wrong direction and ended up getting caught on top of a live power pole with high-tension power lines, and she was hanging next to the transformer," Battalion Chief Jeff Roberts of the Lake Elsinore Fire Department told SF Gate.

Per the outlet, firefighters had Southern California Edison turn off the power in the area to save the woman from the risk of electrocution. She was uninjured in the incident.

Roberts told SF Gate that this is the second time in a year they've responded to a call involving a skydiver and powerlines.

Josh Hall, Skydive Elsinore's general manager, told the Los Angeles Times that the skydiver was attempting her first solo jump as part of a training program.

"Thankfully, the female jumper was able to walk away from the incident uninjured," Skydive Elsinore said in a statement to KNBC. "The jumper is a student skydiver and was making her first jump flying her own parachute system. The parachute opened properly and was in perfect working order. At some point during the parachute descent, the jumper became confused and flew away from an open landing area and into to powerlines."

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They continued: "The incident is still under investigation and as further details become available, we will be happy to release that information. We conduct over 100,000 skydives annually and this type of incident is an extremely rare occurrence. We want to apologize to our neighbors for any inconvenience this may have caused."

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