Dashcam Footage Captures Moment Calif. Police Officer Saves Man from Burning Car After Crash

Officer Jarred Houston with the Elk Grove Police Department smashed the car window before helping the passenger out

jarred houston
Photo: elk grove police department

A California police officer is being praised as a hero after he single-handedly rescued a driver from his burning car that had crashed on a dark road.

Dashcam and bodycam footage captured by Officer Jarred Houston with the Elk Grove Police Department was shared on their social media accounts on Tuesday, shortly after the male driver had crashed his car and was unable to escape from the flames.

“When Seconds Matter….” the department captioned the intense clip on Facebook.

In the video, Houston can be seen driving up to the scene of the accident to find a vehicle on the opposite side of the road with its front end completely smashed and its engine compartment on fire.

Running over to the vehicle, Houston noticed that a person was inside the burning car.

“Somebody in there? Hey, get out! Are you on the passenger side?” he told the driver, who responded, “I cannot get out, sir.”

Realizing that he had mere seconds to rescue the man, Houston ran over to the passenger side of the vehicle and smashed in one of the windows so that he could pull the trapped driver out of the car.

“Back up from the window, lean back, lean that way,” he told the man as he bashed the glass in and helped him out of the vehicle. “Come on, give me your hand… Come out, I got you.”

In the Facebook post, the EGPD said that after Houston was “able [to] assist the driver out of the vehicle and get him to safety,” the driver was “transported to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.”

According to the police department, the cause of the crash is still under investigation at this time. The driver’s identity has not been released.

“I am so proud of Officer Houston and his heroic efforts to save the life of the driver,” Elk Grove Police Chief Timothy Albright tells PEOPLE of his colleague, who has been with the department for a little over two years.

“Without hesitation, he did what was necessary to bring what could have been a tragic event to a successful conclusion,” Albright adds. “I am so proud of his brave and selfless service.”

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Since sharing the video to social media, comments have poured in from people around the Elk Grove community, praising Houston for his heroic actions.

“Way to go officer Houston! I’ve seen EGPD in action. It is impressive how they are prepared to jump immediately into action to help,” wrote one user.

“What a selfless act! A perfect example of Protect and Serve! Thank you Officer Houston!!” added another person.

One Facebook user said they met Houston after an “incident on our street one night” and highlighted the officer’s demeanor, noting how he was “so kind, easygoing and had a great sense of humor too!”

“Absolutely one of a kind! Thank you for your fierce action in saving this person and for your service to your community in general!!” the person wrote.

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