California Nanny Injured After Saving 2-Year-Old Boy From Oncoming Car: 'We Are Forever Grateful,' Says Family

A California nanny is still recovering after getting hit by an oncoming car that was headed towards a 2-year-old boy

A California nanny is still recovering after getting hit by an oncoming car that was headed towards a 2-year-old boy.

On March 28, Caroline Maurer was taking Fox — a 2-year-old boy she had nannied for since he was 4 weeks old — on a walk in Atwater Village, Los Angeles, according to KTLA. When they were just a block from the child’s house, a car ran a four-way stop sign, barreling towards Fox.

“It was going to be him hit since he was kind of more in front of me. So, as the car turned in – I was screaming, ‘Stop! Stop!’ – and pushed him as hard as I could to get him out of the way,” Maurer said in a video shared on a YouCaring page created by the boy’s parents this week to help raise money for their nanny’s recovery.

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“The car came and crushed my hands, the front bumper – and I was thrown a few feet, I don’t know,” Maurer continued, adding that the most heartbreaking part of the incident was that because of her injured hands, she wasn’t able to rescue Fox from his stroller.

Fortunately, her sacrifice kept Fox out of harm’s way. The toddler “miraculously escaped with only minor scrapes and bruises. One of the paramedics on the scene told me that Caroline had saved Fox’s life,” Courtney Davis and Bill Wolkoff — Fox’s parents — wrote on the YouCaring page.

“Caroline is a true hero, and we are forever grateful to her for saving our son’s life,” they said.

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Maurer fractured the bones in her hands, wrists and arms during the incident and although she had multiple surgeries in late March, the doctors have said she may never regain full strength in her hands. She also struggles with dizziness and doctors are currently trying to figure out if she sustained any head trauma that might have been initially overlooked.

Since her injury, Maurer — who’s also a student — has been both unable to work and has had to put her studies on hold while she continues her recovery process. So far, the family has raised $23,462 of their $50,000 goal.

“As a mom, you give your kid to somebody else … your hope and your dream is that they’re going to treat your kid like their own,” Davis told KTLA. “I’m just so grateful to her.”

“I think my first reaction was: She’s family for the rest of our lives,” Wolkoff added. “Because of Caroline, the worst didn’t happen. She saved his life.”

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