Family members said they're concerned for Heather Gumina Waters' safety after the 33-year-old and her car mysteriously vanished from her Pleasant Valley area home

By Char Adams
July 25, 2019 10:47 AM
Heather Gumina Waters
El Dorado County Sheriff's Office

A California family is desperate to find a 33-year-old mother of three who hasn’t been seen for at least a week as authorities search for both the woman and her car.

Heather Gumina Waters had been missing for “several days” when the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office enlisted the help of the public to find her in a July 19 Facebook post. Authorities said they believed she was “likely driving” her car, a 2005 black Infinity coupe.

“It’s very unlike her to not contact anyone,” Gumina Waters’ mother, Joanna Russell, told KTXL, noting that Gumina Waters had broken her collarbone earlier this month and complained about the pain.

“That’s why there’s a concern for her safety right now and a concern that she had a broken collarbone,” she added. “So, I’m praying that someone will hear this or have seen something or might know something and please report it to the sheriff.”

Both Gumina Waters and her car were missing from her Pleasant Valley area home on Wednesday, July 17, according to KTXL. And Russell told the station that the woman’s disappearance is taking a toll on her three children, especially Gumina Waters’ 4-year-old son.

“Like we can’t even really tell him. He keeps looking for his mom and he wants to go over there and he can’t,” she said. “Each day that goes by, the hopes of finding her okay get a little bit more scary.”

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The sheriff’s office shared a photo of Gumina Waters and her car on Facebook, urging anyone with any information to contact the office’s non-emergency dispatch at (530)-621-6600.

Russell also called on social media users to help in the search.

“We are pleading with the community. If anyone seen anything anything at all call the Sheriff Dispatch!!” she wrote in a Facebook post. “I Love and miss you Heather Rai my beautiful daughter my heart is so broken.!!!!”

The sheriff’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment from PEOPLE, but told KTXL that it has not organized a search party to find Gumina Waters.

“No one has heard from her to my knowledge. No one has heard from her,” Russell said. “I’m sleep deprived, I’m sad, I’m scared.”