Now Amy Johnson says Axel "loves" going to school and is ready to hop on the bus every day

This little boy’s first-ever day of school wasn’t so easy — but luckily his bus driver was there to help get him through.

Axel Johnson, 4, caught the first-day jitters on his bus ride to Pre-K in Augusta, Wisconsin, but his bus driver, Isabel Lane, showed him the ropes of the bus and took him under her wing.

“He was super excited to go, but when the bus came around corner, he was really quiet,” Amy told CNN. “The bus opened the door, and I looked at him, and he started crying.”

As Axel continued to clutch onto his mother, Lane showed him a seat right behind her so that he could be comfortable at the front of the bus.

When Amy began to get off the bus, “I stuck my hand behind the seat as maybe something else to grab onto, and he grabbed my hand,” Lane told the outlet.

“I told him, ‘Buddy, you got this, and will have so much fun.’ ”

Although it wasn’t the smiling photo she thought she would get, Axel’s mom snapped an adorable shot of her son and Lane holding hands on her way off the bus.

“I love that people in my community are kindhearted and Izzy is definitely that,” Amy told KTBC.

After the Augusta Police Department encountered the photo, the organization shared it to their Facebook page on Sept. 5, writing in part, “we really need to shout out our school staff.”

“The compassion we see every day in our teachers, bus drivers, custodians, administration, food service staff, and paraprofessionals is truly admirable,” they added.

The post garnered over 1,500 likes, 350 shares and tons of comments praising Lane and the goodness of the community.

“Beautiful ❤️. Thanks to all that keep our children safe and loved every day,” one user wrote.

“What a precious gesture! Thank you Isabel Lane for being such a compassionate and caring employee!” added another.

Now, Amy told KTBC, Axel “loves” going to school and is ready to hop on the bus every day.

“I think it kind of goes for anyone, if you see someone maybe struggling just to do something as simple as reaching out a hand and showing that you are there,” Lane told WEAU. “You don’t have to say anything but just to show someone you are there makes a big difference in someone’s day.”