Brother-in-Law of Missing Mom Swept Away by Texas Floods: 'We Are Hopeful, but It's Beyond Frightening'

"Their son has the same mischievous smile as Jonathan, and their daughter is also just adorable," David McComb tells PEOPLE

Photo: Cody Duty/Houston Chronicle/AP

David McComb woke up to a nightmare on Sunday morning.

His brother Jonathan, who should have been celebrating his 10th wedding anniversary on Thursday with his wife Laura, called one of their other brothers around 4 a.m.

“He said, ‘There was so much water, a big wave, we were going down the river and I lost them,’ ” David tells PEOPLE. “I couldn’t believe what I heard. I still can’t.”

Jonathan, Laura and their two children, Andrew, 7, and Leighton, 4, were swept away from a Texas vacation home after severe flash floods on Saturday.

As of Thursday, Laura and their kids are still missing.

David tried to prepare how to deliver the “earth-shattering news” to his parents, who were celebrating their anniversary in Hawaii.

Jonathan is currently in the hospital after suffering a broken sternum, a collapsed lung and a broken rib, but he will make a full recovery.

“He just wants to be out there searching for his wife and kids,” David says. “Every second he is surrounded by close family and friends. He’s not alone.”

They’re taking it not only day by day, but minute by minute.

“We are hopeful, but it’s beyond frightening,” he says. “There are no words.”

David says that Jonathan and Laura are the perfect couple and that they couldn’t have asked for better kids.

“Laura has this infectious personality. People loved being around her. She had a smile sun up and sun down. They were the perfect match,” says David. “People looked at them as a couple and they got it.”

The total death toll from the floods is up to 35, and nine people are still missing in Texas, according to CNN.

David and the rest of his family are doing their best to stay positive.

“We found their dog Maggie alive,” he says. “That gave us a huge boost.”

With almost the entire family together, he says they won’t give up.

“We don’t know what the day will bring, but we are in this together,” says David.

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