Watch Over 70 Broadway Kids Come Together for Emotional Anti-Bullying Charity Single

Over 70 child actors from Broadway have lent their voices to an emotional and uplifting new anti-bullying charity single

Over 70 child actors from Broadway‘s School of Rock, The Lion King, Kinky Boots, On Your Feet, Matilda the Musical and more have lent their voices to an emotional and uplifting new anti-bullying charity single — and PEOPLE has the exclusive premiere of the track and its official music video.

The song, “I Have a Voice,” is a powerful anthem for any kid who has felt alone among his or her peers. It’s written by Broadway composer Frank Wildhorn (Jekyll & Hyde) and lyricist Robin Lerner — and can be found in the new forthcoming musical Song of Bernadette.

All of the profits of the song go to (through “Broadway Kids Against Bullying”)— a U.S. based non-profit organization that trains schools how to activate student compassion to stop bullying and cyberbullying.

Courtesy Broadway Records

Their non-punitive “No Bully System” was developed from the help of educators, psychologist and lawyers committed to preventing the current generation of students from experiencing and enduring the bullying they experienced when they were in school — and had created bully-free campuses for over 100,000 students.

“No one can say what I have seen or understand where I have been,” the kids sing in the song. “For what I found inside myself belongs to me an no one else. If I were blind and had no eyes to see, still I would hear that voice inside of me. I wish that you — I wish that you could hear it too. ”

The video features a group of students who reach out to let their bullied peers know they are not alone.

A list of all participants on the track can be found here.

Executive Producer Van Dean, President of Broadway Records and one of the co-founders of the “Broadway for Orlando” charitable initiative, is behind the track.

“In the recording industry, I often work with children and have seen how saddened they are by the increased bullying and intolerance in schools across the country over the past year,” he told PEOPLE in a statement. “The ‘I Have a Voice’ initiative is an opportunity for 70+ child performers from Broadway and beyond to express their own voice and let other children know they too, have a voice.”

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“I truly hope this song will inspire others to be more inclusive, tolerant and unite kids to celebrate our differences,” Dean continued.

“I am so honored and grateful for my music to be used for this cause, which as a father, is so very important to me,” Wildhorn said. “I believe music can heal, I believe so strongly in its power to communicate. Being in the studio, watching and hearing these beautiful children sing Robin’s beautiful words was a truly inspiring moment, one I’ll never forget.”

“I only hope that this recording and video can be shared with the world, and that this message resonates with all of us,” he added.

“I Have a Voice” is on sale now for $1.29 on iTunes and $1.99 at Broadway Records.

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