"I choose to live a full life, and it's such a beautiful life," said Brittany Fisher Frank

By Caitlin Keating
May 09, 2019 02:50 PM

Brittany Fisher Frank says her entire world changed forever under a “beautiful full moon” in March 2012.

Then a student at Utah State University, Fisher Frank “was involved in a repelling accident” at St. George’s Cougar Cliffs, she told Today. “I fell about 80 to 100 feet. I had a lot of broken bones and the wind knocked out of me.”

Airlifted to the hospital, doctors told her she had multiple leg fractures, broken ribs and a broken vertebrae that left her paralyzed from the waist down.

Fisher Frank went from being “this adventurous, outgoing, audacious student athlete” to looking down at her legs and “wondering who I am anymore,” she told the news outlet.

“I grieved the loss,” she said. “The loss of the running, the loss of legs, the loss of future events.”

After years of rehab, surgeries and “darkness to reach this acceptance,” Fisher Frank embraced her new life and how it would look.

Instead of being negative and giving up, “I like to choose joy and I choose optimism.”

In 2016, four years after the accident, she talked to the Life Flight nurse from the night of her accident, who has since become her best friend. Fisher Frank told her that she wanted to rappel off the cliff again.

“She spearheaded it all,” she told Today.

“I wanted to claim and conquer the experience,” she said, and “not leave any what ifs.”

Brittany Fisher Frank was rappelling down a cliff in Utah when she lost control and fell about 100 feet. The fall broke her ribs and spine, but it didn’t shake her spirit. She joins the 3rd hour of TODAY to share how she’s uplifting others with her story.
Brittany Fisher Frank
| Credit: TODAY

According to The Desert News, Fisher Frank returned to the St. George’s Cougar Cliffs with eight to 10 volunteers.

“Everyone was really nervous about how they were going to feel that day,” she told the newspaper. “Like if it was going to bring up anger or frustration, and it really was just a peaceful day for everyone, which really was confirmation that God is in the details of our lives and that he can turn trial into triumph.”

She added: “We were able to have a prayer before we went out to the cliff, just on the side of the road there as a family, and it’s really cool because it’s been a journey for everyone.”

After the accident, Fisher Frank had many concerns and “wondered if anyone would want to date me after my accident,” she told Today.

But then she met her now-husband Trevor, with whom she now has an 18-month-old boy.

“Trevor never knew the old Brittany and it never mattered to him,” she said. “He just jumped right in and loaded my walker on our first date.”

Trevor told Today that “we’re a team.”

“We make up for each other’s weaknesses,” he said. “We both have areas where we excel and things that are easier for each of us.”

“Everyone experiences loss and grief in their life,” said Fisher Frank, “but it’s what we do with that and those experiences. For me, I have gone on to choose how I’m going to react. I still went through the grief, the loss, sadness and anger. But at the end of the day, I have gone on to choose joy and optimism. I choose to live a full life and it’s such a beautiful life.”