British Scientist's Body Found on Greek Island After She Disappeared While Going for a Run

Natalie Christopher is the second scientist in a month to disappear in Greece while on a run

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For the second time in a month, a female scientist’s body has been found on a Greek island after she disappeared during a run.

Natalie Christopher’s remains were recently discovered by “ground-based investigative forces” in a “ravine about 20 meters (65 ft.) deep in a rough mountainous area of Kerame St. Kirikos, Ikaria,” the Greek National Police announced in a tweet on Wednesday.

Details surrounding the discovery and the events that led to her tragic death are still under police investigation.

The 35-year-old British astrophysicist, who was visiting the Greek island from Cyrus, was reported missing by her partner earlier in the week when she went out for a run but never returned, Greek newspaper Proto Thema reports.

Christopher’s partner told the outlet that she went jogging on Monday morning around 8 a.m. and that he had been in contact with her via telephone approximately 90 minutes later.

During their conversation, Christopher reportedly told her partner she was on an “uphill trail,” which had slowed her pace, but reassured him that she would eventually return and told him not to worry.

However, when several hours passed and Christopher hadn’t returned to their hotel or answered her phone, her partner began to panic and reported her missing to the local police and fire department, according to Proto Thema.

Greek National Police told CNN that Christopher and her partner were on the last day of their three-day vacation to the island when she disappeared.

They also told the outlet that police, fire vehicles, and helicopters all worked together to find the scientist’s body in Ikaria’s southeastern coast, relying on a faint signal that had been picked up from her cell phone to finally locate her remains.

The cell phone has since been turned off, as police continue to investigate with the Greek defense ministry, officials told CNN on Wednesday.

At this time, is unclear if Christopher’s cell phone was in the same place as her remains and if there are any suspects in the case.

The Greek National Police did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

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Prior to her body being discovered, many of Christopher’s loved ones, including Saskia Constantinou, pleaded with the public in a Facebook post to assist with the search by coming forward with information.

On Wednesday, Constantinou shared a photo with the scientist and expressed her sadness over the tragedy.

“The last photo with Dr. Natalie Christopher who graciously gave such a wonderful interview for my book,” she wrote beside the image. “You’ve gone to be a star Natalie, a bright and shiny one to brighten the constellation and be a guiding light from a different angle.”

“You will be missed by so many but your legacy will continue. RIP xxx,” she added.

Christopher is the second scientist in a month to disappear in Greece while on a run. In July, the body of American scientist Suzanne Eaton, who had been missing in Greece for nearly a week, was found by local authorities.

A 27-year-old man from the area eventually admitted to murdering the molecular biologist, 59, in Crete, Greece.

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