Bride Pulls Epic Prank on Groom by Wearing Sweatpants on Their Wedding Day

Erin Goldberg couldn't let her big day go by without at least one prank

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something … with a cat on it?

Erin Goldberg has always been a prankster. So, she couldn’t let an opportunity for a joke pass by — even on her wedding day.

Erin, a 25-year-old teacher, wed Ean Goldberg in a backyard wedding in Scottsdale, Arizona, on Nov. 11. But, during the couple’s first look moment just before the ceremony, Erin showed up in an oversized cat shirt and a pair of old sweatpants.

“I mess with him all the time and I thought it was a really good opportunity for me to prank him because I don’t dress up very often,” Erin tells PEOPLE. “We had been talking about this [wedding] dress and how excited he was to see me in the dress.”

Molly McElenney

She continues: “I was like, all right, I’m really gonna get him. I’m gonna have him turn around and I’m gonna be in my stupid cat shirt!”

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Molly McElenney

And that’s just what she did. Photos of the couple’s first look showed Ean dressed up in a gray suit as Erin stood behind him in the comfy outfit with her hair and makeup wedding-ready.

“It went perfectly,” she says. “He was a little like, ‘Oh man, she got me.’ His reaction was just priceless. To see him just like laugh … [He was like], ‘Of course she did this! Why didn’t I expect anything different.’ ”

Molly McElenney

In shots of the funny moment, Erin is shown teasing Ean before the two lean in for a kiss. After the prank, Erin changed into her wedding gown and the two posed for sweet photos in their wedding duds and said their “I dos.”

“Our wedding was absolutely gorgeous,” she tells PEOPLE. “It was just so relaxed and we just had fun from that second on. So it was just incredible. It was a gorgeous, beautiful, just fun-filled, laughter-filled wedding after that.”

Molly McElenney

Erin says she never expected her joke to garner so much attention. She says she and Ean, who have been together for almost five years, simply love to make each other laugh.

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“First and foremost, we’re best friends. So I wanted that to be a big part. We don’t really get all mushy-gushy or lovey,” she says. “I feel like this moment really speaks to us, like, being friends first. Before anything else. It’s just that we’re able to laugh together, even during these super emotional moments.”

She adds: “I was not expecting this type of reaction. I think that I’m funny. Ean sometimes thinks that I’m funny. I certainly did not think that the rest of the country would think I was that funny.”

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