A bride paid a sweet visit to her grandmother who was too ill to attend

By Jason Duaine Hahn
March 21, 2018 02:01 PM

Before arriving at her wedding ceremony, a bride paid a sweet visit to her grandmother who was too ill to attend.

The bride came fully dressed on the big day to see her loving grandmother, who was admitted to St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson, New York, just a week before. Though her grandmother had planned to see her granddaughter recite her vows on her big day, she developed chronic obstructive pulmonary disease after having an aortic valve replacement just months earlier, which led to her being hospitalized and unable to make it to the ceremony.

That’s when her granddaughter improvised in the hours leading up to her walk down the aisle to bring a part of the life-changing day to her beloved grandmother. In footage from PEOPLE’s video series, The Upbeat, in association with Citi, the bride is seen walking into the hospital room to her grandmother’s surprise.

Screen Shot 2018-03-21 at 8.53.27 AM

The grandmother gasps as she marvels at her granddaughter’s gown, and she even received a special gift as her granddaughter placed a corsage on her wrist before posing for pictures with the rest of the family. Luckily, they left behind an iPad so grandma could watch the ceremony from her room over FaceTime.

And she must have been watching very closely as the family members came back after the wedding to pay her a visit, the first thing she asked was if they brought her a piece of the wedding cake!