Bride Plans BFF's Surprise Proposal at Her Own Wedding: 'Everyone Deserves Love, Especially My Best Friend' 

"I have true love with my husband and to see my best friend have that too, of course I wanted to share!" Jess Nakrayko tells PEOPLE 

Photo: Ross Dance Photography

Would you do this for your bestie?

Canadian bride Jess Nakrayko proved herself to be the ultimate BFF by helping plan her best friend’s surprise proposal— at her own wedding!

“I knew that sharing my day would show her my love and appreciation and also I was then able to see her in the happiest moment of her life,” Nakrayko tells PEOPLE. “It was one of the most powerful and lovely things I’ve ever witnessed.

“I have true love with my husband and to see my best friend have that too — of course I wanted to share!”

Ross Dance Photography

The special moment happened when Nakrayko tied the knot with hubby James Nakrayko in Jamaica in April.

While the nuptials were all about the bride and groom, Nakrayko had a special surprise for longtime friend Jessica Kieley and her boyfriend, Adam Brake.

“I talked to Adam about proposing, and he didn’t want to take away our thunder,” says Nakrayko, who lives in Saskatoon. “I just said that I wouldn’t care … I wanted to be there when she got engaged.”

So, when she began planning her wedding with her sister, they came up with the perfect idea.

“What if instead of throwing the bouquet, I would pass it to Jessica and Adam, who would be behind her on one knee ready to propose,” she says of their plan. “And my sister and I burst into tears just thinking about it! We ran the idea by Adam as he was planning on proposing the next morning after the wedding.”

Ross Dance Photography

Nakrayko says Brake was apprehensive — at first.

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“But then when he thought about it, he knew she would be so shocked and so happy beyond words,” she adds. “We thought about doing a typical cheesy bouquet toss song, and changing it halfway through to ‘Marry Me’ by Bruno Mars.”

Ross Dance Photography

Nakrayko and Kieley went to elementary school together and became besties in high school. So, it was no shock that Kieley was heavily involved in planning her BFF’s wedding, including a trip to Montreal for a bachelorette party and hosting a shower.

“All of the work, time, effort that she put into my wedding planning leading up to the wedding was huge,” says Nakrayko. “She really poured herself into the wedding, and she did so much for me without even expecting a thank you.

“Her intentions are so pure and I saw the surprise proposal as a way to say thank you in a small way to her, for all of her love and support.”

Ross Dance Photography

Nakrayko hired Calgary-based photographer Ross Dance to capture the heartwarming moment. During the bouquet toss, the bride arranged for the song to change from ‘Man I Feel Like A Woman’ to Bruno Mars’ ‘Marry Me.’

But instead of tossing the flowers she turned around and approached Kieley.

“It was like there was no one else in the room besides me and her as I approached her and we locked eyes,” recalls Nakrayko. “She figured out what was going on. It brought me to tears. The happiness she experienced made me even happier to my core. I had my love and now she was starting her love story. Almost like I was passing a love torch to her!”

And Nakrayko wasn’t the only one crying.

“Everyone in the entire room was shocked, happy, crying, everything,” she says. “It was so worth it and I am so happy that Ross Dance was able to catch the pure, raw emotion.”

Ross Dance Photography

Nakrayko says the proposal was a “wonderful” way to end her wedding day with a bang — and she experienced “absolutely no” jealousy.

“I got married to my soul mate, celebrated with my friends and family and after the perfect day we had, to then get to see and be a part of ‘My person’ becoming engaged was truly magical,” she says. “Everyone deserves love, especially my best friend.”

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