Amanda Scott couldn't imagine getting married without her grandmother, Mary Smith, by her side — so she asked the 92-year-old to be in her bridal party!
Credit: Jeff Jones

Amanda Scott couldn’t imagine getting married without her grandmother, Mary Smith, by her side — so she asked the 92-year-old to be in her bridal party.

“It might be a bit untraditional, but Granny is my best friend!” Scott, 24, tells PEOPLE. “She’s the closest person to me and the person I spend the most time with, so my wedding wouldn’t have been complete without her as a bridesmaid.”

Scott thought her grandmother, who wore a beautiful white eyelet blouse, jean skirt and cowboy boots for the occasion, looked “absolutely stunning.”

“She was so perfect,” says Scott, who tied the knot with her boyfriend of five years, 22-year-old Brett Murdough, at their home in St. Catharines, Ontario, in July.

“It was so lovely,” Smith tells PEOPLE of the outdoor wedding. “I love Amanda very much and I was honored to be a part of the wedding, I’ll cherish the moment forever.”

Credit: Jeff Jones

Scott says she felt “something was amiss” when she first started arranging her bridal party.

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“I had my wedding party sorted out but something wasn’t sitting right with me, it wasn’t complete,” she says. “I thought, ‘I need to ask Granny!’ Just because she’s old, doesn’t mean she can’t be in the wedding party.

“It’s not conventional, but why not!”

Credit: Jeff Jones

So, in the months leading up to the wedding, she asked Smith to be a bridesmaid — and the grandmother’s joyous reaction was priceless.

“I said, ‘I want to add a bridesmaid to the wedding party, someone special, how about you!’ ” says Scott, a piano and guitar teacher. “She said, ‘You don’t mean that, I’ve never heard of a 92-year-old bridesmaid!’ She’s special and plus she talks a lot about being in wedding parties when she was younger, so I knew it would mean a lot to her.

“She cried and said, ‘I can’t believe I’m 92 and going to be in a wedding!’ ”

Adds Smith, “But then I realized age doesn’t matter. I was delighted when Amanda asked me because we are great friends.”


Scott and Smith, who is the mother of Scott’s stepmom, have always been close.

“Even though we’re not blood-related, we’re family, I live about 15 minutes away from Granny and see her once a week,” says Scott. “She lost her husband seven years ago and lives on her own but is very independent.”

Smith swims a mile each week, line-dances with friends and plays golf regularly.

“Age doesn’t matter,” she says. “And it didn’t matter for the wedding either!”

Credit: Jeff Jones

Smith (who Scott says was “extremely helpful!” before and during the wedding) was especially excited to design Scott’s wedding veil with her.

“She donated all the materials to make the veil,” says Scott. “We made it from scraps of lace and beads from bridesmaid dresses she had worn in the past, so it was very meaningful.”

During the ceremony, Smith stood next to Scott’s friends in the bridal party as she watched her granddaughter say, “I do.”

“It was just a beautiful moment,” says Smith. “I love Brett and I think they are great together.

“I’ll always remember that moment.”