Bride Asks Grandmother to Be 'Fairy' Flower Girl in Her Wedding: 'It Made Me So Happy'

Keely Crimando has always been close with her grandmother, so she had a special place for the 87-year-old on her special day

Photo: Lara Rose Photography

Keely Crimando had an extra special flower girl at her wedding: her grandmother.

Before Keely wed Mike on Oct. 21 in Rochester, Michigan, she had five flower girls instead of three walk down the aisle, including a trio of little girls, her aunt and her 87-year-old grandmother Dorothy Czartorski. Both wearing wings and holding wands, Flissa pushed Czartorski down the aisle in her wheelchair.

“It was the best. Having them in the wedding is what made it a fairytale dream come true,” Keely tells PEOPLE. “It was the best day of my life! It went so fast, but the day was perfect and having my Gram and Aunt Flissa in the wedding made the day special.”

Lara Rose Photography

Keely says she and her grandmother have always been close. “My grandma and I are besties,” she says.

She recalls her childhood when she and her family would visit her grandmother in Pennsylvania and Czartorski would feed her “tons of Italian food.” Keely says her grandmother went all out for the wedding, finding the “perfect” dress and getting her hair and nails done.

“It made me so happy to include her in our special day. I can’t have imagined it any other way. She was so happy and was the star of the show!” Keely tells PEOPLE. “I saw a story about someone having their grandma as their bridesmaid and I thought it would be cool to have gram as a flower girl!”

Lara Rose Photography
Lara Rose Photography

Lara, who photographed Keely’s wedding, said it was “perfect in every way.”

“[Keely’s] aunt pushed her grandma down the aisle and the little girls followed closely behind, tapping guests lightly on their heads and shoulders while making their way to the front,” Lara, of Lara Rose Photography, tells PEOPLE. “I could just tell how much love and admiration Keely had for her grandma.”

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She adds: “Later on in the evening, grandma even managed to make it onto the dance floor! It was such a great night.”

Photos of Czartorski at the ceremony have been shared on Facebook more than 500 times.

“It’s crazy!” Keely says of the attention. “I’m so excited for my grandma. I called her last night and read the comments to her. She’s so happy. We’re all so happy and touched.”

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