Boy with Cancer, 4, Receives Hundreds of Halloween 'Cheer Cards' from People Around the Country

The Orlando boy, who loves Halloween, has been undergoing treatment since he was first diagnosed in Feb. 2017

Carter McPhersonCredit: Courtesy Tiffany McPherson
Photo: Courtesy Tiffany McPherson

Carter McPherson has even more reasons to love Halloween!

The four-year-old boy from Florida — who adores the annual holiday — recently received over 300 Halloween cards and gifts in the mail from people around the country, wishing him well as he undergoes his cancer treatments.

Mom Tiffany McPherson had asked just a few neighbors to help cheer up her son, who was diagnosed with Pre-B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in February 2017, with festive cards.

Carter McPhersonCredit: Courtesy Tiffany McPherson
Courtesy Tiffany McPherson

Tiffany first posted the request to Nextdoor — a social networking site for your neighborhood — at the end of the September.

Since then, Carter has received tons of “cheer cards,” as Tiffany calls them, from people around the United States.

His mom also says in addition to numerous cards, Carter is receiving approximately 10 Amazon boxes of gifts that are delivered to their house each day.

Carter McPhersonCredit: Courtesy Tiffany McPherson
Courtesy Tiffany McPherson

Some of those gifts, she told PEOPLE, include gift cards, Halloween stuffed animals, stickers, books, coloring books, and a Spider-Man desk.

“I was overwhelmed with joy and happiness,” she explained to PEOPLE of the unexpected response from her community and beyond. “I could not believe it! Not only is Carter smiling but so am I.”

“He has received the most awesome gifts that will last a lifetime,” she added.

Carter McPhersonCredit: Courtesy Tiffany McPherson
Courtesy Tiffany McPherson

For Carter, who is currently learning to read, seeing his name on the daily packages is helping to bring a smile to the four-year-old’s face.

“He is so excited to check the mail every day,” she told PEOPLE. “When the doorbell rings, he runs to the door and gets so excited!”

Carter McPhersonCredit: Courtesy Tiffany McPherson
Courtesy Tiffany McPherson

Carter is just a little over halfway done with his three-year chemotherapy treatment and already becoming a pro, his mom says.

“His last visit he finally didn’t cry when his port was accessed which was huge for him,” she explained to PEOPLE. “It breaks my heart. I try so hard to encourage him to be a big boy and be brave and he has definitely done that and more.”

Although he hasn’t been to the clinic since receiving the gifts, Tiffany says they are likely to bring along his new Legos and books for their next visit, which will help make time pass.

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“I am beyond blessed and grateful for all the strangers that have taken the time to send my son all these gifts, cards and well wishes, but most of all prayers for me and my son,” she said to PEOPLE. “Some of the cards have truly heartfelt blessings and love from pure strangers.”

“I never would have thought in a million years me asking for cards would go this viral and become this awesome for my son,” Tiffany added.

Carter is currently in remission and doing “great with treatments,” his mother says. He is expected to be able to stop chemotherapy by 2020.

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