The boy's creative sign even caught police attention, which just drummed up some more business

Not much is more refreshing on a hot summer’s day than a cold glass of lemonade — except maybe an ice cold beer.

One Utah boy put a “twist” on the classic summer lemonade stand, offering up “ice cold beer” to his neighbors, many of whom actually called the cops on the budding entrepreneur, considering he’s still 10 years away from being legally allowed to drink the beverage.

When Brigham City police arrived at the “beer” stand, however, they found out the catch: the 11-year-old was selling root beer — he just wrote the word “root” on his sign really, really small.

The marketing ploy paid off, as police said the young man’s business has been booming, and the officers that stopped by even bought a couple “beers,” finding his idea “ingenious.”

Kid sells root beer
Credit: Brigham City Police Department

“This young man, in the area of 600 South 200 East, has a twist on a lemonade stand,” the Brigham police department wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday. “Yep, he’s selling beer … ROOT BEER, that is. His marketing strategy has resulted in several calls to the BCPD, but apparently its paid off as business has been good.”

“Quite honestly, once our officers got there they found it quite ingenious,” said Lt. Tony Ferderber to CNN, which identified the boy’s name as Seth.

The comments quickly built up on the police’s Facebook post, praising young Seth for his business acuity.

“Genius! We need more young entrepreneurs,” wrote one commenter on the post.

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“Great going! Kudos to the kid for thinking up the idea. I hope he made a lot that day!” added another.

“He’s adorable! It shocked me too, and I bought root beer from him. What a smart kid,” another customer who was lured in by the sign wrote.

“See you on Shark Tank soon kid,” added another commenter.

The creative stand has made the news in cities across the country, prompting many from outside his Utah community to visit the police’s Facebook post.

“If only he delivered! We’re only 1,500 miles to the SE. Excellent marketing initiative that made the news in Houston. 👍,” commented the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office in Richmond, Texas.

With so many writing on the post that they’d love to visit Seth’s stand simply because of his humor and creativity, the Brigham police added in a comment on their post that he’d be in operation again Wednesday from noon to 4 p.m. Seth plans to keep his stand open until school starts up again, CNN reported.