"It was amazing they were able to revive her. I was so thankful," says the boy's mother, Elena Melling
Everett Melling
Credit: ABC NEWS

An 11-year-old Minnesota boy sprung into action on Saturday when he realized that a little girl went under the water and wasn’t coming back up.

Everett Melling, of Arden Hills, was playing in the water at Lake Johanna over Memorial Day weekend when he saw an unresponsive 3 year old.

“Her head was under water,” Everett told KSTP. “She wasn’t moving at all.”

After he swam to her and quickly realized she wasn’t playing a game, he went to his mom, Elena Melling, to get help.

“Drowning,” Elena began to scream, prompting multiple nurses — who happened to be at the beach — to give CPR and help save the girl’s life.

“I feel like it was a miracle, because by the time he told me, and I reacted, and other people reacted, she was face down in that water for so long and not struggling,” she told KSTP, adding that both she and her son plan to become certified in CPR. “It was amazing they were able to revive her. I was so thankful.”

“We need to know how to respond in these situations and be ready,” she added.

The mother also told the outlet she wants people to know that although the water is fun, everyone should be aware of “the beast that water is and recognize the danger.”

According to KSTP, authorities said the 3 year old is expected to make a full recovery at Regions Hospital in St. Paul.

The outlet reports that the Lake Johanna Fire Department and Allina Health medics also responded to the scene on Saturday.