Jaydon Rabatin stole the show at his father's wedding on Sunday, with a hilarious (and sweet) best man speech
Credit: Briana Rabatin

A 10-year-old boy stole the show at his dad’s wedding with the perfect best man speech.

Jaydon Rabatin was tasked with delivering one of the most important speeches of the night, and performed his best man duties perfectly when his father, Kevin, tied the knot with his bride, Briana, in Wilmington, Delaware, last Sunday.

“The day has come that this man is getting married. I’m not too sure how I feel about all of it,” Jaydon began the speech. “Don’t get me wrong. I love Brie. Isn’t she the most beautiful bride? But this means I’m losing my bachelor buddy. We go waaaaay back.”

He added: “It’s like I have known him since my first breath I took.”

Jaydon’s speech was met with laughter and tears as he stood next to the newlyweds and recited the speech in front of a room full of guests.

“As we grow older, we also mature together, but here is our confession: We have never been the cleanest of guys together. Without Brie, I don’t think we would ever have clean underwear or socks,” he said. “I hope you two have nothing but true happiness together. I look forward to watching you two grow old together.”

Jaydon, Kevin and Briana Rabatin
| Credit: Briana Rabatin

“We have many new memories and adventures to make together and I truly look forward to it,” Jaydon continued. “There is nothing more important as a son than to see my dad happy and that’s what he is when he is with Brie. Thank you for making my dad happy.”

Briana shared a video of the speech on Facebook, writing, “My stepson, ladies and gentlemen! I love this kid!” The footage has been viewed nearly 3 million times.

Credit: Briana Rabatin

“It made everybody laugh,” Briana, 31, tells PEOPLE. “He basically stole the night and stole the hearts of our guests. It made my heart melt, the parts that he said about me.”

Briana says she and Kevin, 33, had no idea Jaydon planned to deliver a speech until about four days before the wedding. She says Jaydon practiced with his mother and kept the speech a surprise.

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“[Kevin] was very proud of him. He just keeps saying how proud of him he was,” she says. “[Jaydon’s] funny, he’s outgoing. Even in my vows I said that I would promise to love and protect him as if he were my own son.”

Briana says she’s looking forward to her future as Jaydon’s stepmother, especially making new memories with her new family.