5-Year-Old Boy Hands Out Goody Bags to Community Workers in Las Vegas

"I didn't see any community workers being thanked," Justyn Boumah tells PEOPLE of why he set out to show them some appreciation

A boy from Las Vegas went above and beyond to make sure the workers around his city were shown gratitude during these tough times.

Recently, 5-year-old Justyn Boumah held a community service event called the Blessing Project, which saw him surprise city workers with snacks and candy.

Justyn ventured around the city, passing out the goody bags to police officers, construction workers, trash truck drivers, and sanitation workers, all to bring a smile to their faces.

"I didn't see any community workers being thanked," Justyn tells PEOPLE (the TV Show!) in Tuesday's episode.

"So I thanked them!" he continued.

5-Year-Old Hands Out Goodie Bags to Community Workers

Justyn also was helped by his mother, Racquel Boumah.

"If we don't appreciate our community workers and realize they work hard for us every single day, we may not have them anymore," she says while holding Justyn.

The talented tyke also recently launched the nonprofit, Heroes & Hearts, which aims to spread literacy through library openings and read-a-thons.

More of his work can be seen on his Instagram page, The Traveling Toddler.

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