A 5-year-old boy caused a sensation after giving himself and his siblings some interesting — and extensive — haircuts

By Maria Pasquini
May 03, 2019 12:31 PM

Hair today — gone tomorrow!

A mother of three got quite a surprise last month when she found out that while she had been taking a quick shower, her eldest son had found an electric shaver and proceeded to give himself and his sibling some interesting — and extensive — haircuts.

Recording the entire saga on her Instagram Story, Stephanie Plucknette couldn’t hide her emotion as she first encountered the sight of her children and their patchy new ‘dos.

“Teddy found the buzz cutter,” she tearfully shared on social media, as she ran her hand over her 5-year-old son’s head, which was almost completely shorn on top.

“Eloise, turn around,” she added, addressing her 3-year-old daughter, who was missing a sizable chunk of hair between her two pigtails.

Asking her daughter whether she liked her haircut, Eloise simply shook her head and said, “No,” which prompted her mother to laugh.

“Why’d you let brother do that?” she asked.

Without waiting for his younger sister to reply, Teddy stepped in to answer the question.

“She said she wanted me to do that a lot, so I did it and she wanted to show you,” he shared.

Credit: Jukin Media

Having had a few moments to process what had occurred, Plucknette went on to assure her children that everything would be fine, as their new looks were only temporary.

“It’s just hair and it’s gonna grow back,” she shared, adding that despite her initial tearful reaction, she was taking the news in stride.

Before pulling her eldest in for a hug, Plucknette went on to inquire whether he had also practiced his haircutting skills on his 2-year-old brother.

“Did you cut Fred’s hair?” she asked.

“A little bit,” her son admitted.

“Honesty, that’s good,” she shared, before once again letting Teddy know she wasn’t mad and everything was going to be alright. “It’s just hair. It grows back.”

Credit: Jukin Media
Credit: Jukin Media

Of course, Plucknette and her husband went on to clean up Teddy’s handiwork just a bit, giving their sons buzz cuts.

“How’s my hair look?” Teddy asks his mom in another video with a smile on his face. “I mean how’s my no hair look?”

Opening up about the incident, Plucknette, who works as a full-time nurse, told BuzzFeed News that the incident occurred while she took a quick shower before going to work. As she showered, she let her kids play in the backyard, which was where Teddy found a pair of dog-grooming clippers she had left there.

“Earlier in the day I had just given the dog a shave out in the backyard, and I wasn’t done clipping her, but I left the clippers outside and I got side-tracked and went grocery shopping and cleaned the house and did other things,” she told the outlet.

“When I walked into the kitchen, Teddy was standing there with clippers in his hands. He was a little proud at first,” she added.

The clips, which have been saved on the mother of three’s Instagram account, went viral after she gave her brother permission to share them on Twitter — where they’ve since been viewed over 9.2 million times.

“Y’all, my nephew found the electric shaver and went wild,” Ian Hagadorn captioned the clip, adding multiple crying with laughter emojis.

As for how her children are handling their new shaved haircuts, Plucknette went on tell BuzzFeed News all is well.

“They don’t mind the look,” she shared. “They just think it’s cool.”