Jessica Evans' little brother can't contain his excitement when he sees her
Jessica and David EvansCredit: Courtesy Jessica Evans
Credit: Courtesy Jessica Evans

No sibling rivalry here: just pure love.

Jessica Evans has spent the past year filming her brother’s reactions every time they’re reunited – and the adorable clip has since gone viral.

The 21-year-old University of North Georgia student says she likes to keep her trips to see family back home in Snellville, Georgia, a secret so she can surprise her brother David, 15, when he steps off the bus from school.

“There were a couple times that he had absolutely no idea I was visiting,” Jessica tells PEOPLE of surprising David, who has Down syndrome. “I would hide behind my mom, or a car, and run up and surprise him as he was coming off the bus—he would have no idea!”

Jessica taped the moments and shared them with friends and family through her Snapchat account.

But, as she sat in her room earlier this week, Jessica realized she wouldn’t be able to surprise David at the bus stop anymore. He was starting his freshman year at Brookwood High School in Snellville, where their mother, Cindy, is a teacher. That meant she would be driving him to and from school for now on.

“I realized I wouldn’t be able to pick him up or surprise him anymore, and I was sitting there looking back at old videos,” Jessica says. “That’s when I decided to put them all together as one big video.”

Jessica then posted the compilation of David’s excited reactions to Twitter with the hopes that it might brighten someone’s day.

“I share the same excitement when I see him,” she says. “He’s my whole world. I love him to death, and I don’t know what I’d do without him.”

Turns out, the video brightened the days of many people: it’s garnered thousands of likes and retweets since its posting. It has also inspired other Twitter users to share their own adorable pictures and stories about family members with special needs.

Jessica says she plans to post more videos of David because she sees how happy they’ve made people. David is a fun person with a smile that lights up the room, she says, and she is glad people around the country are able to see it for themselves.

With the video getting so much traction over social media, Jessica also wants to remind people to spread love to each other –especially to those with special needs.

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“Love people, because love is definitely something the world could use a little bit more of,” she says. “I think that children and people with disabilities don’t get as much credit as they deserve – they are some of the sweetest and most loving people in the entire world.”

As for David, he seems to be enjoying the attention his video has been getting.

“Anytime we talk about it, he gets this big smile on his face,” Jessica says as David agrees in the background.

“Yeah!” he says. “I’m a rockstar!”