August 17, 2017 02:41 PM

An ingenious 9-year-old took it into his own hands to disconnect the security camera that was alerting his parents to his late-night television habits. The only problem?  His ninja-like moves weren’t enough to keep him from being recorded in the act.

All summer long, Jeremy Gabrysch and his wife have been struggling to figure out a way to keep their children, Nate, 9, and Taylor, 6, from sneaking from their beds at night to watch television in their living room.

They came up with the solution to install a Nest security camera system behind their television, which would send an alert to their smartphones if Nate or Taylor played downstairs when they were supposed to be sleeping.

The plan worked — for a little while, at least.

“At first, Nate wasn’t sure how we were figuring that he was watching the TV,” Gabrysch, CEO of the medical company, Remedy, tells PEOPLE. “Then he discovered the camera.”

Jeremy Gabrysch

On an early August morning in their Austin, Texas, home, Nate woke up before his parents with a single mission in mind: He was going to put an end to that darn camera.

Little did he know, his mission would be captured on the device’s wide lens and shared on Gabrysch’s YouTube account, becoming a viral hit.

In the clip, Nate can be seen crawling toward the camera (in a similar-fashion to what a Navy SEAL might do) — sliding himself slowly across the hardwood floor until his tiny feet disappear from the screen. When he disconnects the gadget, the video ends — at which point Nate surely thought he had a television-filled night ahead of him.

Sadly for him, as soon as the camera was disconnected, an alert was sent to his parents that woke them from their sleep.

Nate and Jeremy Gabrysch
Jeremy Gabrysch

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“We just watched the video and cracked up,” Gabrysch, 41, says. “I had to give him props for that, no one’s ever taught him military crawls or anything, he just came up with that on his own — unless it’s from the ninja shows he’s watched!”

Nate’s parents had another trick up their sleeve after the camera was found. They’ve since resorted to hiding the television remotes around the house.

And though they continue to brainstorm about more ways to keep their children asleep in bed at night, Gabrysch says his son’s exploits were just too hilarious not to laugh at. “We’ve been frustrated with how we were going to stop them from watching TV,” he says. “But this just made the whole situation pretty funny.”

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