Christmas came early for 4-year-old Hudson Borton, an amputee who received a 3D-printed prosthetic arm

A 4-year-old Missouri boy got the surprise of a lifetime thanks to a group of students.

Hudson Borton, a congenital amputee, was given the gift of a new left arm on Wednesday after a group of students spent hours working on a 3D-printed prosthetic limb for the little boy.

“He’s perfect the way God made him, and this is just something that can help him in his everyday life, and something cool he can kind of show his friends,” Hudson’s mother, Lyndsey, told KMBC.

Volunteers with Variety KC, a children’s charity in Kansas City, worked tirelessly to code and print the arm. The arm took about two weeks to perfect, KCTV reports. The arm consists of seven parts and each part took about 4-7 hours to print.

“Young scientists are looking at the traditional medical model and seeing pieces of equipment that cost maybe thousands and thousands of dollars and going, ‘Wait a minute, I can 3D print that for just a few dollars. And not only that, but I can work with that child and family and we can co-create something,’ ” Variety KC Executive Director Kendra Gagnon told KCTV.

Little Hudson sported a big smile as he tried on the red and yellow arm, and his father said the family is excited to try the arm out at home, according to the station.

“It’s amazing for him,” Lyndsey told KMBC. “It’s a confidence booster. It’s something cool he can show his friends. So, we are pretty excited.”