Jake Garcia is a nursing student who only started painting about five months ago

It's finders keeps for any lucky Bostonians who happen to stumble upon a painting by local Jake Garcia.

The nursing student is looking to make strangers' days by leaving original oil paintings out on the streets for art lovers to take home for free.

"I'll see something I like, I'll set up, I'll do a painting of it, and then I'll do my best to leave it somewhere in the vicinity," Garcia told WBZ-TV.

Garcia is based in Dorchester, and so far has stuck to South Boston, leaving sweeping scenes of beaches and skylines in locations like Carson Beach and on a bench on a boardwalk at the beach near M Street.

He often shares the art's location on his Twitter and Instagram accounts, allowing those who follow him to quickly make moves to scoop it up.

Garcia said he likes painting "en plein air," or outdoors, and first got the idea to leave his art behind due to transportation issues.

"My first thought when I placed my first painting on a bench was, 'Wow, carrying wet paintings home is annoying, how can I get around this?' Then I thought, 'Oh, don't carry it. Wouldn't it be hilarious if someone was enjoying a view of a certain area and looked down and saw an original oil painting of that view as if it was painted for them? How magical would that be?'" he told CaughtInSouthie.com.

He added: "Anyone can buy art, but not anyone can be in the right place at the right time looking at the right view and look down and find art. The universe must present these moments, they're beautiful."

Garcia is a nursing student at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences, and only took up painting as a hobby over the last five months, according to WBZ-TV.

"My hope is that I can make someone's day without saying a word," he told CaughtInSouthie. "I am curious to see who ends up with what. This is half the fun of this entire experience because without someone to enjoy it, is art really worth anything?"

The artist said he's sticking to South Boston for the moment because of its easy accessibility, but hopes to eventually leave his paintings all across the city.