Boot Bae Has Captured the Internet's Heart — But Don't Mess With Her Man

Sidenote: Where can we buy those boots?

Another day, another bae!

The Internet has proven to be pretty unpredictable when it comes to its many viral crazes, like #HurtBae and #SaltBae, but the latest Internet sensation, the Twitter-dubbed “Boot Bae,” delivered a hilarious story, and a new style favorite: red, velvet, thigh-high boots.

It all began when the University of Houston’s Nigerian Student Association held a charity date auction, and one woman seemingly tried to get a bit to friendly with one guest’s boyfriend, the Houston Chronicle reports.

In a six-second video of the incident, an auction participant wearing red pants and a black bra underneath a fishnet top is seen approaching a man sitting in the front row. Soon, the man’s girlfriend thrusts her leg — in the aforementioned red boot — in front of the man, blocking the woman and mouthing a few words.

Source: MikeChosen1/Twitter
Source: MikeChosen1/Twitter

The auction participant, later identified as 18-year-old Jordan Smith, appears to be a good sport, laughing and moving on.

When sharing the Twitter video, one social media user wrote, “When you got a girl who doesn’t play that.” It did not take long for the Twittersphere to notice the footage and let the jokes fly. Thus, #BootBae was born.

“The most flawless thing I’ve ever seen. This is Mortal Kombat-level quality moment. LMFAO,” one Twitter user wrote. Another person tweeted: “Any woman that has the instinct to stop a chick in mid stride with her foot is an assassin fam.”

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Smith later told BuzzFeed that she was trying to “entice the crowd” in order to raise more money for the student organization. She added that she did not initially see the young woman next to the man, “I just saw a guy.”

However, she told a different story on Twitter.

“I really wanted her not her man but it’s whatever,” Smith tweeted as the video made its way around the Internet.

Although most social media users laughed at the clip, many had one question: Where did the woman get her boots?

The Internet answered: Twitter users began posting links to buy the boots at retailers like Dolls Kill and GoJane.

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