Bride-to-Be Shares 'Just in Case' Wedding Dance with Terminally Ill Father from Before His Death

Becky Carey's dad, Timothy Carey, died in March, and Becky plans to play footage of their father-daughter dance at her wedding in September

Becky Carey and her father, U.S. Air Force Colonel Timothy Carey, had always dreamed of the moments they’d share together on the dance floor at Becky’s future wedding.

Timothy was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate and pancreatic cancers in 2014 and later placed on hospice care. Still, when Becky got engaged in September 2018, they were determined to make the special father-daughter dance happen no matter what.

When it came time for Becky and her fiancé Matt to take engagement photos, the couple decided instead to have Becky and Timothy pose together, and share their father-daughter dance on Oct. 14, 2018, according to Inside Edition.

“I had been in chosen denial about how sick he was. We were able to talk and laugh,” Becky told Inside Edition of the dance, recalling that she whispered to her 70-year-old father: “This is just practice and just for fun.”

father daughter wedding dance

She called it their “just in case” dance, according to Good Morning America. Timothy sported his Air Force uniform and Becky wore her wedding dress and did her hair and makeup, Inside Edition reported. They danced to “Unchained Melody” by the Righteous Brothers — Timothy’s favorite song — in the backyard where she grew up.

“He started crying, so of course I started crying,” Becky told Inside Edition. “It was sad but it was also beautiful.”

Video of the dance showed Becky and Timothy smiling and laughing as they embraced each other and swayed to the music. They smiled and laughed, with Timothy even dipping his daughter at the end. The video was shot by Luke Denton with Media Cure Productions, and Bonnie Turner Photography captured photos of the sweet moments.

father daughter wedding dance

“Photos are everything you have when people are gone, it’s what we have to look back on to feel that person with us,” Turner told GMA, describing the dance as “very emotional.”

Timothy died on March 29. Becky and Matt plan to play the video of the father-daughter dance at their wedding this September, GMA reported.

“He fought cancer harder than anyone,” Becky shared with the show. “He should have died at least seven times prior. I know he was holding on for me.”

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