Becki Falwell Breaks Silence as Couple Denies Claims Husband Jerry Jr. Watched Her with Lover

"We have the strongest relationship, and Jerry is the most forgiving person I've ever met," Becki Falwell told the Associated Press

Becki Falwell is speaking out on her relationship with husband Jerry Falwell Jr. in the wake of a sex scandal that prompted his resignation from Liberty University — and she says their bond has never been better.

Becki, 53, told the Associated Press that she and Jerry are “more in love than ever” after a former Miami pool attendant named Giancarlo Granda claimed to have had an “intimate relationship” with Becki from 2012 to 2018, with Jerry as an audience.

“We have the strongest relationship, and Jerry is the most forgiving person I’ve ever met,” Becki told the outlet. “It’s a shame that Christians can’t give us the same forgiveness that Christ gave us.”

Granda, 29, told Reuters in a bombshell interview that after meeting the Falwells at a Miami Beach hotel in 2012, he would meet up with them several times a year over the next six years to have sex with Becki while “Jerry enjoyed watching from the corner of the room.”

Jerry Falwell Jr. and Becki
Becki Falwell and Jerry Falwell Jr. Steve Helber/AP/Shutterstock

The Washington Post reported that Becki confirmed an extramarital affair — and described it as embarrassing and humbling — but said Jerry was not involved in any way.

Jerry Falwell Jr. and Becki
Jerry Falwell Jr. and Becki Falwell. Jasper Colt-USA TODAY/Sipa USA

“I wish Christians, and people, would be as forgiving as Christ was,” Becki, who did not comment on the scandal when contacted by PEOPLE, told the Post.

Jerry, 58, disputed Granda’s claims in a statement to the Washington Examiner, alleging that he had no part in the sexual relationship.

Granda, meanwhile, provided Reuters with screenshots from a FaceTime conversation with the Falwells, as well as text messages in which she allegedly told him she was missing him “like crazy.”

The outlet also obtained audio from 2018 that appeared to capture the Falwells speaking with Granda. In a clip from a call published by Reuters, Becki can seemingly be heard complaining about his relationships with other people.

Giancarlo Granda
Giancarlo Granda. Facebook

On the same call, Jerry told Granda he was “going to make [Becki] jealous,” while Granda was also heard calling Becki his “best friend.”

In light of the scandal, Jerry, a well-known evangelical leader, stepped down from his posts at Liberty, a prominent Christian school founded by his father, pastor Jerry Falwell Sr., in 1971.

“That’s the only reason I resigned: because I don’t want something my wife did to harm the school I’ve spent my whole life building,” he told the AP. “I never broke a single rule that applies to staff members at Liberty, which I was. So I want everybody to know that.”

Jerry told the Examiner that Granda was extorting him, and allegedly threatened to make his affair with Becki public unless he was paid “substantial monies” — a claim Granda denied to the outlet.

In the same statement, Jerry admitted that he and Becki met an “ambitious young man” who was working at the hotel eight years ago, but declined to mention Granda by name.

He said he and his wife encouraged the man to pursue an education and a career, and that they soon became business partners after including Granda in an investment in a local property.

That property ultimately turned out to be a Miami Beach youth hostel, which the Falwells purchased in 2013 and offered Granda a share in, BuzzFeed News reported.

According to Reuters, Granda’s relationship with the couple ended “in part because he wanted to dissolve his ties” with them, and because of a business dispute.

Representatives for Jerry Falwell Jr. and Granda did not respond to PEOPLE's request for comment on Monday.

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