The jumper, Johannes Grasser, clung onto the cliff until a rock climber rescued him

By Eric Todisco
January 14, 2020 10:41 AM
Base Jumper Rescued After Parachute Got Stuck on the Side of Cliff Roughly 600 Feet Up in the Air
Credit: Freedom Team Drone/Facebook

An Austrian BASE jumper was left dangling from the side of a cliff in Southern Thailand after his parachute got stuck on the Khao Ok Thalu mountain.

The jumper, Johannes Grasser, 28, was spotted hanging by his parachute cords on the mountain at about 8:30 a.m. local time on Monday, according to the Associated Press and the Bangkok Post.

Once airborne, Grasser was blown onto the cliff face by heavy winds, the outlets reported. His parachute was snagged on a rock, and he was left dangling nearly 600 feet in the air.

Drone footage, which was posted on Facebook, captured the terrifying moment. Many residents, as well as local police and rescue workers, were drawn out and attempted to rescue Grasser.

Several hours later, rock climber Santhiti Rompothong traversed down the steep mountain and successfully freed Grasser, both outlets reported.

Grasser was lowered to a ledge which has an entrance to a cave, according to the AP. Both men were then able to move through the cave to safety.

“The rescue took so long because it took us hours to get up to the high spot where he jumped off the cliff,” Kittipong Chusongseang, who was part of the rescue team, told the AP. “It was a long hike up and a long walk down.”

According to Bangkok Post, Grasser had been performing jumps with several friends to mark National Children’s Day in Thailand on Saturday. While his friends left, Grasser and his wife decided to extend their trip and perform more jumps on Monday.

Prior to his incident, Grasser had reportedly jumped twice from the Khao Ok Thalu mountain without any issues.