Infant Dies During Police Protest in Baltimore After Cop Heroically Tries to Save Her Life

One officer performed CPR on the baby girl until paramedics arrived on the scene

An infant who stopped breathing during a protest of a police-involved shooting in Baltimore died on Saturday, according to authorities.

In a statement released on the Baltimore Police Department’s Facebook page, authorities said that an officer attempted to rescue the infant during a protest of a recent police shooting.

“During the protest this afternoon, Major Richard Gibson was on patrol in the area. He was approached by a group of citizens who informed him that a baby was not breathing inside a restaurant on Greenmount Avenue,” police said in the statement.

Police added that the mother was one of the protesters at the scene, but had taken a break to feed the infant inside a restaurant. After entering the restaurant, the infant — who was “approximately one month old” — stopped breathing. When paramedics arrived, the baby was transported to a local hospital, where she later died, according to the statement.

The statement also included information that a medical examiner had not determined the baby’s exact cause of death, and police were not informed of any pre-existing medical conditions. Officers who tried to resuscitate the infant were provided counseling services, according to the statement.

Public Information Officer T.J. Smith could not immediately be reached for comment, but took to Twitter to share information and his thoughts on the infant’s tragic death.

“Horrible situation…our thoughts and prayers to the infants family…” Smith wrote in the first tweet about the incident.

He gave a special shoutout to Gibson, sharing a post with the caption, “Hey @MajorRichGibson” with several hearts and prayer emojis.

He went on to share a series of tweets about the horrific experience, adding, “Police work is often filled with days of highs and lows. Today was one of them that illustrates how your day can change, quickly.” Shortly after, he also wrote, “In a city where we, sadly, see so much violence, none of us in public safety are immune to the loss of innocent children. … Differences aside- EVERYONE springs in to action, together, at moments notice of a child in a crisis.”

Smith then took time to thank Gibson and the entire police force and fire department, as well as the protesters at the scene, for their participation and attempts to save the infant.

“MajorRichGibson, @BaltimorePolice, @BaltimoreFire, and protesters- You did all you could do. It’s a traumatic experience,” he wrote in one tweet. Shortly after he added, “Let’s pray for the family of the infant who passed, but let’s also pray for our 1st responders and bystanders who witnessed the incident.”

Later in the evening, Smith addressed people who were sharing a Facebook Live video of first responders trying to save the infant.

“I’ve seen Facebook Live video of the lifeless infant being taken by EMS. The poster should rethink that. Last moments of an infants life,” he wrote. Soon after, he shared a subsequent tweet that said, “It’s not an image anyone, especially the family, should be subjected to reliving over and over again. It isn’t healthy.

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