KABC's Leslie Lopez was giving her weather report Thursday when her infant son made a surprise cameo

A Los Angeles meteorologist mom proved just how relatable her work-from-home struggles truly are after her infant son crashed her live television broadcast.

Leslie Lopez's 9-month-old son Nolan stole the hearts of viewers around the city — and beyond — when he waddled into the camera shot on Thursday during his mom's weather report.

As shown in a video posted by Lopez's network, KABC, the meteorologist was giving her AccuWeather forecast from home when Nolan made his adorable interruption.

"We're waiting for that storm right here in Southern California," Lopez said, before pausing momentarily to laugh at her son, who had appeared in the shot and was attempting to walk between her legs.

Continuing on, Lopez didn't skip a beat as she picked up her son and reported the rest of her weather forecast.

"He walks now, guys, so I've lost all control," she joked at the end of her segment.

ABC7 Meteorologist Leslie Lopez and baby
Leslie Lopez with her son Nolan
| Credit: Leslie Lopez/Instagram

Following the hilarious encounter, Lopez's colleague Brandi Hitt shared the clip on Twitter, writing, "Baby on the move! There is no stopping adorable Nolan now that he can walk during Mommy's (@abc7leslielopez) forecast."

Lopez retweeted it, writing beside the video, "Mr. Friday made a surprise appearance this morning," and including a heart and laughter emoji.

This led to many of Lopez's Twitter followers showing their support for the working mom, commending her for carrying on despite the unexpected cameo.

"This was great and you rolled with it so well. I'm waiting for my 3/yo to come screaming naked thru my home remote someday," joked fellow KABC colleague and reporter, Leticia Juarez.

"This is what real life in this pandemic is like," wrote another user. "You acted professionally and as a loving mom. When the future weatherman decided to hug mommy, you didn't miss a step and handled the situation gracefully!!"

"That was adorable. You rocked it. Great moment," added someone else. "The weather should always be that adorable. Seriously though - you're clearly a great mom & a pro at your job."

Several others celebrated Lopez for normalizing a mom's work-life balance.

"Saw this & it brought tears to my eyes. It's adorable," wrote one user, "but as a mom who worked as a freelancer from home for years & had to 'hide' my beautiful babies to remain 'professional,' I am grateful that one thing this pandemic has done is changed that narrative. You go, Momma!"

"This is everything! I hope that we don't lose this after COVID!" noted someone else. "A mom can be a meteorologist & work from home & be a mom & give an interesting report! Everything in this video is right and shows how we can adapt to be more flexible for parents and others in the workplace."

Speaking to Good Morning America after the hilarious ordeal, Lopez said she's been working remotely since the pandemic and this was "the first time ever" that Nolan had "pulled himself up from sitting to standing."

"On one hand, I'm so proud of him... and I'm so glad he didn't face-plant on live television," she joked.

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Lopez also spoke out on her Instagram Stories and thanked everyone for their support.

"Nolan and I want to thank everyone who has reached out to say something kind about the moment we shared on air together," she wrote. "Working from home has truly been a blessing amidst a difficult year, and I'm heartened to hear others find it relatable."

"Work/home life balance can be difficult, but in some ways, this pandemic, at times, has offered incredibly special moments," she continued. "Thanks for enjoying this with us - it means more than you know."

"My husband also feels vindicated for doing a 'great job' at babysitting," she jokingly added.