Baby Girl Rescued After She's Found Buried Alive and Crying in Cemetery in India: Reports

The baby was reportedly found in a pot by parents who were burying their own daughter

baby buried alive India
Photo: Police Photo

A newborn baby who had been buried alive was rescued from a cemetery in India in a case that police reportedly suspect is female infanticide.

The baby girl was discovered on Oct. 10 by a couple burying their own child, who had died in a hospital, CNN reported.

“When they began digging the ground, they immediately heard noises of crying,” Abhinandan Singh, Superintendent of Police for Bareilly district, told the outlet. “As they dug up two or three feet of dirt, they found a baby girl who had been buried in an earthen pot.”

He estimated that she had been buried for about six hours before she was rescued.

Hitesh Sirohi, the father who found the infant, told the Times of India that the child was wrapped in cloth and crying, and that he initially wondered if his late daughter had “come alive,” according to Agence-France Presse.

A local police officer told Reuters that the couple immediately called the cemetery’s security guard, who reportedly said he had seen the child’s parents there earlier.

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The baby was taken to a hospital, where she is being treated in the intensive care unit for respiratory issues and is on a ventilator, CNN reported.

A medical superintendent who oversaw her treatment said she had some “infections” and weighed just 3.3 lbs.

An investigation has reportedly been launched to find her parents, who could face attempted murder and abandonment charges, Singh told CNN.

Meanwhile, the police officer told Reuters that the incident “seems to be a case of female infanticide,” when parents deliberately kill newborn daughters.

According to AFP, female infanticide is on the rise in India, as parents want sons, and not daughters, because sons are “viewed as investments and heirs,” while daughters are a “liability.”

The U.S.-based NGO Invisible Girl Project reported that tens of thousands of female Indian fetuses are aborted every year, according to CNN. A government survey released in July showed that between 2015-17, the number of females in India per 1,000 males was just 896, down from previous years, Reuters reported.

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