Baby Boy Born the Size of a Coke Can Miraculously Survives and Is 'Doing So Well,' Says Mom

Theo Taylor, who was born at just 12 oz. — which is around the same size as a Coca-Cola can — went from being on the brink of death to thriving six months later

Photo: SWNS

Theo Taylor, who was born on March 15 at just 12 oz. — which is around the same size as a Coca-Cola can — went from being on the brink of death to thriving six months later.

The baby from Durham, England, who is believed to be the smallest baby boy ever born in Britain to survive, was born early at 26 weeks and five days, SWNS reports. Just one day before his birth, doctors gave his mother Katie Rhodes, 24, the option to terminate the pregnancy.

When Katie went to the doctor at 19 weeks pregnant, a scan showed that Theo was much smaller than he was supposed to be at that time in the pregnancy.

Katie and her husband, Jay, 27, were told to “expect the worse” and to “prepare for a demise” as she continued her pregnancy.

“Before he was born, it was really hard hearing all the time that he wasn’t going to make it, and even when he was born that we might not get to take him home,” Rhodes told the news agency. “But we got through it by saying, ‘no, he’s made it this far, lets just support him.'”


She added: “We were so positive and kept saying that we would fight for him.”

Jay recalls seeing Theo for the first time — after doctors performed an emergency C-section after she was hospitalized with pre-eclampsia and fluid was discovered around Theo’s heart. “He was smaller than my hand and much smaller than they [doctors] even thought he would be,” she said.

When he was born, doctors told Jay that his son weighed about the same as a can of Coke.

“But even when I picked up a can, it felt heavier than Theo,” he told SWNS. “I think that was the most scared I have ever been, but it was also a relief to see him. On the day he was born one doctor said ‘don’t take for granted that you will be able to take him home.'”

Theo was able to go home on July 7 and weighed 7 lbs., 6 oz. He is on nasal oxygen and is improving every day.

“It’s much easier with him home now than in [the] hospital,” said Katie, adding that doctors don’t think Theo will suffer any problems in the future. “It feels like he has been with us for much longer than six months. It’s weird to think that he was the smallest baby ever as he is so much bigger than he was and is doing so well now.”

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