Awesome Dad Puts On Leotard and Dances to Beyoncé's 'All the Single Ladies' With His Daughters

The hilarious video has received more than 19 million views on Facebook

One amazing dad has gone where most dads have never gone before.

Steve Haddad, of Michigan, pulled out his black leotard and wore it for a performance to Beyoncé‘s “All the Single Ladies” with his two daughters, making sure he was going to end 2017 in nothing but style.

Haddad and his daughters had to come up with their best routine in order to beat out the rest of the family for the family’s Lip Sync Battle on Christmas—which is known for becoming pretty competitive. Haddad wasn’t totally game when his wife and the girls came up with the idea for the Beyoncé dance, but with them egging him long enough, he gave in.

“Steve is by nature hilarious, however, my daughters begged him to do this dance for our family Christmas Lip Sync battle contest,” his wife, Tina Spadaro Haddad, tells PEOPLE. “Steve and the girls actually went to a choreographer to learn the routine.”

The result of their hard work was nothing short of majestic. In a Facebook video filmed during the now-legendary lip sync battle, Haddad is seen dressed in his leotard, shaking his hips and bouncing to the song, all in perfect sync with his daughters—well, close enough, anyway!

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 4.08.20 PM
Tina Spadaro Haddad

“As it was happening I just thought ‘this is nuts,’ ” Tina recalls, adding that the competition was fierce this year. “There were many family members dressed. One Britney Spears, another Mick Jagger, so we had to come prepared.”

The video has amassed a whopping 19 million views and more than 82,000 likes on Facebook. With his hilarious (but impressive) performance getting this much attention, Haddad’s family had to remind him that it was all a good time.

“At first he was very nervous, but we had to keep reminding him that the video is fun, sweet and not negative in any way,” Tina says. “I think he’s enjoying it a little bit but he won’t admit it.”

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Just don’t hold your breath when it comes to seeing Haddad in another leotard in the near future, Tina adds.

“I don’t think he will EVER give us an encore presentation!” she says.

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