Authorities said the alert was the result of a test malfunction
Child's Play Chucky Doll
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Texas residents keeping their eyes peeled for a 3-foot-doll wielding a kitchen knife need not fret: infamous horror villain Chucky isn't actually on the loose.

Chucky and his son Glen Ray were, however, featured in an AMBER Alert mistakenly issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety on Friday, according to local outlets.

The rather unusual alert was sent out via email three separate times to subscribers of the Texas Alerts System, warning them that 5-year-old Glen Ray had been abducted, CBS affiliate KENS reported.

Chucky was listed as the suspect in the alert, and was said to be 28 years old, 3' 1" and 16 pounds, with red or auburn hair and blue eyes. His race was listed as "Other: Doll," while his description said he was wearing blue denim overalls and wielding a kitchen knife.

A spokesperson for the DPS told KENS that the alert was an accident following a test gone awry.

"This alert is a result of a test malfunction," the spokesperson said. "We apologize for the confusion this may have caused and are diligently working to ensure this does not happen again."

AMBER Alerts are typically issued as emergency messages after a child is abducted and believed to be in imminent danger. They originated in 1996 in Texas, and pay tribute to 9-year-old Amber Hagerman, who was kidnapped and killed while riding her bike in Arlington, Texas.

Chucky, of course, has been giving audiences nightmares since he first appeared in the 1988 horror classic Child's Play as a notorious serial killer.

The Chucky franchise has since released multiple sequels, including 2004's Seeds of Chucky, which first introduced his son Glen.