Anna Davis revealed last week that her young son Alby choked on a small toy ball just three feet away from her

By Char Adams
March 05, 2018 01:34 PM

An Australian mother is mourning the death of her “beautiful” 3-year-old son, who died last week after choking on a bouncy ball toy just days before his 4th birthday.

Anna Davis, of Tasmania, revealed the death on social media, writing that she was just three feet away from her son, Alby, when he began to choke on the toy ball last Monday. She wrote in an Instagram post that she performed CPR on her son for “16 excruciating minutes until paramedics arrived.”

“I, of course, tried to save our beautiful boy,” she wrote in the post. “The heartache we are already experiencing is indescribable.”

She revealed the details of the incident after receiving “ignorant, hurtful and incorrect assumptions” about her son’s death, she wrote.

“To know there are ill-informed stories and subsequent false accusations circulating, initiated by some incredibly heartless people at this time, only exacerbates our pain.”

Credit: Go Fund Me

She wrote that the ball, themed after the children’s show PJ Masks, was about the size of an Australian 50 cent coin. She shared a photo of the toy on Instagram. The label warned that the ball was not intended for children under three, and Davis wrote that she was comfortable with letting Alby play with the toy as he was just days from his 4th birthday.

On a GoFundMe page set up for the family, a friend wrote that the ball became stuck in Alby’s windpipe, obstructing his ability to breathe: “In a matter of seconds, despite his mama’s frantic attempts to save him, he passed away in her arms.”

In the days after Alby’s death, Davis shared a photo of the smiling boy in bed, appearing excited about his new bed set.

” ‘I can’t wait to go to bed tonight Mum!’ Our precious boy, with his brand new doona cover, 2.49pm on Monday afternoon… exactly 40 minutes before he took his final earthside breath in my arms,” she wrote.

Social media users everywhere have sent their condolences to the family through Instagram and Facebook posts. And Davis has sent out grateful messages, writing on Instagram, “Knowing fellow mamas and papas are encircling our family, sharing in our grief, and clutching their babies a little tighter, brings us great comfort.”

On Monday night local time, Davis shared a photo of herself holding Alby on what would have been his 4th birthday.

“Today, despite the fact you are no longer with us, we celebrate and honour your fourth sunshine journey,” she wrote. “Our arms are yearning for the thousands of cuddles yet to be given, our ears are longing for your laughter to once again resound through the walls of our home, and our hearts are shattered for the millions of memories we’ll never have the chance to create.”

She added: “We, along with the world, are weeping, but we take solace in the fact that all you ever knew, in your almost-four-years, was nothing but love.”