Christmas Bonus? Armored Truck Drops Money All Over the Highway Causing a Cash Grab Frenzy

Money spilled out of an armored truck in New Jersey on Thursday — and now police are asking that people return the cash they picked up on the highway

Photo: Betsy Richards

Money spilled out of an armored truck in New Jersey on Thursday morning — and now police are asking that people kindly return the cash they picked up off the highway.

Around 8:30 a.m. on Thursday, the East Rutherford Police Department began receiving calls about a truck that was spilling money along Route 3 West, according to the North Jersey Record.

The truck’s door had malfunctioned and while the guards stopped and tried to retrieve the money, members of the public also tried to grab some of the cash.

Police later confirmed on Twitter that the incident caused “multiple” crashes, as “motorists exited vehicles attempting to remove cash.”

A guard tries to recover the money. Betsy Richards

East Rutherford Police Capt. Phil Taormina told the North Jersey Record that the incident caused two accidents and that even motorists on the opposite side of the 12-lane highway were seen jumping over the divider to retrieve the money.

In one video of the incident, one person can be seen all the way in the passing lane of the highway, even as vehicles continue driving around them.

However, while the cash might have seemed like free money, the police don’t see it that way.

“You can be arrested for this,” Taormina told the North Jersey Record. “It would be like theft of mislaid goods.”

He went on to explain that the money legally belonged to Brinks, and that at the time of the incident, the truck was “parked on the shoulder and two armed guards, Brinks employees, were trying to gather the money.”

In a statement posted on the East Rutherford Police Department’s Twitter page on Thursday afternoon, the police shared that “several individuals” had already contacted them in order to return the money.

They went on to share that if people came forward “to make arrangements” about returning the cash, “no charges” would be filed against them.

Ed Cunningham, Vice President of Corporate Communications for The Brinks Company, confirmed to PEOPLE in a statement that one of their trucks was involved in the incident.

“The incident is under investigation and we have no additional comment at this time,” Cunningham added.

It is currently unknown how much cash spilled out of the truck.

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A similar incident happened in May when thousands of dollars in cash spilled out of a Brinks armored truck around I-70 in Indiana.

Authorities only confirmed that a “substantial amount” of money fell out of the truck, saying “the investigation remains ongoing and the exact amount of money unaccounted for will not be released.” However, a Good Morning America report put the total amount involved in the incident at $600,000.

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