The wild scene occurred after the door of a Brinks armored truck opened and packages of money were released onto the highway
Credit: CBS4 Indy/Facebook

No, it wasn’t a dream — on Wednesday morning, thousands of dollars in cash was blowing around I-70 in Indiana.

The wild scene occurred near the Sam Jones Expressway after the door of a Brinks armored truck opened and packages of money were released onto the highway, according to Indiana State Police. Many of the packages opened and cash was sent flying around the road, police said in a release.

Authorities only confirmed that a “substantial amount” of money fell out of the truck, saying “the investigation remains ongoing and the exact amount of money unaccounted for will not be released.” However, a Good Morning America report put the total amount involved in the incident at $600,000.

Credit: CBS4 Indy/Facebook

Police said drivers hurried to gather money during the incident, dangerously stopping in the middle of the highway to collect the cash. Anyone who had the bills when authorities arrived at the scene returned it to Brinks employees, while those who fled with money are being investigated through witness reports.

Those who have not returned cash from the truck are warned that they have committed theft, police said. Money can be returned to the Indiana State Police Post at 8660 East 21st Street or those involved can call 317-899-8577 to avoid charges.

“People know right from wrong and anyone we track down who kept a dollar of this money will be arrested for theft,” said State Police Indianapolis District Investigations Commander, First Sergeant Bill Dalton. “The time to do the right thing and call us to turn in the money is now, because once we knock on your door, you won’t be able to avoid being arrested.”